Monday, June 20, 2011

Bloop. (PIX)

"Smash an hourglass, grab the sand, take his hands and cup 'em. Spit a rhyme to freeze the clock, take the hands of time and cuff 'em." - Eminem Cinderella Man

"Fuck catching lightning, he struck it; Screamed 'shut up!' at thunder; Flipped the world     ,                                           upside down and made it rain upward."
Man, I love this song.

I am slowly moving away from flowers, at least.

I hope you all take a glance at my new favicon :D

I said slowly!

Just for fun, some super effects :)

OK, maybe not as far from flowers as I thought. 


  1. Your pictures never disappoint, great job!

  2. These are gorgeous. The cigarettes are especially interesting.

  3. Love the pics!
    And the favicon is AWESOME! :D

  4. Awh thanks guys :D I like the cigarettes one best, next to the first one ^_^

  5. nice favicon. I like the next to the last pic. Something about textures.

  6. I like the next to the last pic, peeling paint is awesome in pics.

    nice favicon.

  7. your flower, the one with the hints of green and a light yellow in the background is by far my favorite. I love how it almost seems like the flower is floating by itself. Or casting a web like a spider. Very nice work


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