Welcome to the FAQ's Page!

Actually, this isn't really a "Frequently Asked Questions" page, I don't get many, if any, questions. But more of a "things you may want to know" page.

So, here I go!

  • I cuss.
  • You may use my pictures as long as you reference back to me (my blog). Give credit where credit is due! To use them as a wallpaper, it's best to click on the image to get the larger size.
  • Point of the blog : my "photography" and whatever else I find interesting, or the occasional rant about my personal life. Also, questions. Ask and you shall hear!
  • Contact me: 
    • Leave your question in a comment on a blog post, along with your email. I moderate comments so those will not be published and I will email you back. 
  • I will not "follow you" if you follow me, unless I like your blog content enough to want to keep up with it. 
  • All pictures that are not my own photography I get off of Google Images. If you happen to stumble upon an image that is rightfully yours, just tell me and I'll cite you in the post. Just tell me how to fix it and I will. I don't want to take someone else's content! I have also used many pictures that were saved on my computer.
  • I don't really "guest post" on my blog. Not my thing.
  • If you find anything offensive, which I don't think you would since I don't aim to offend anyone, just tell me and I'll see how I can fix it. 
  • I also will never randomly delete my blog. I have been on a "time out" and my blog was blocked to viewing, but I just had to verify my account and I was back. So if this does happen, just wait a day or so and I'll be back. If not, you can go to the COFFEE SHOP where my username is I_am_AMP and contact me there via thread post. I'll warn you if I decide to delete my blog.

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