Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So I made a Tumblr.

I'm sorry guys, I love this place and I may come back to it one day, but it just seems that the community is dead since all of the changes. To me at least; I know a ton of you have active blogs and stuff, but I'm going to try the tumbly thing for right now, and I know a ton of you and others have tumblr's.

I'll probably come back one day. I just think that since I've been gone for so long for various reasons (demotivated, busy, school, too tired, feels empty here) that everyone's sort of forgot about it here, and that I should try some change. It'll stay here for the future, I don't plan to delete it (any time soon at least).

So here you go if you'd wish to follow :)

My Tumbly Thing

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