Thursday, May 10, 2012

And Then There Was Macro. (PIX)

"Flowers grow out of dark moments." - Corita Kent

It's Spring and everything is blooming. It's also fucking hot, and humid. Well today it's been pretty nice out, but with SoCal, you never know...

I took these like 2 weeks ago. I've figured out why my close ups started dwindling in quality, and that's because I totally forgot I had a macro setting on my camera. That's also because I haven't used it in a while, life has be my the nuts right now. That will be another post.

Anyway, once I remembered I had that wonderful setting, suddenly my close ups had significantly more detail, and I could focus on smaller flowers and detail. Close ups are my thing; I like detail. Plus, I've never really excelled in landscapes, and I think it's because my digital doesn't have the amount of options a professional camera has. For example, I can't buy a specific lens. My camera is automatic, so it's more limited. However, it really does a lot! The more I learn and discover what it can do, the more impressed I am. It may be the size of credit card, and not much thicker, but holy moley, it sure packs a punch for it's size. It was $200, and I know a lot of people wouldn't think much of a camera that cost (in the camera world) so little.


  1. Wow these are really good Amp, I love the big yellow one!

  2. I absolutely love the cat's well as the lovely yellow flower (the last pic). :)


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