Monday, July 11, 2011

Starting Over.

Have you ever wanted to delete almost everyone off of your friends list?

Just get rid of them and start over? Make new friends, find new people?

I do, sometimes. Sometimes I want to delete most of the people on my Facebook.

I don't really know what it is. I'm not one of "them" anymore. They have their big group of people I used to be really good friends with, and then they've mashed it together with a bunch of new people I've never met, but they're all suddenly great friends with, too.

And then, I wasn't invited anywhere. Hell, yesterday was my good friends birthday (he's actually the only one who's directly invited me to an event in the past few months), and I was only in 2 pictures. One is the back of my head. The other is of me, standing alone smiling at the camera, that my friend took.

Yay, memories!

They all go do things almost everyday together, take a billion pictures and brag about it online that they got to see everyone and hang out and all these new inside jokes and everything.

I wasn't mentioned once in any of the status's for my friends birthday.

I guess you could say I'm jealous, and I am. However, I'm not jealous of my friends specifically. I'm envious that they all have each other, a big group of friends to have fun with.

I don't have that anymore. Why, you may ask?

Well, from what I can put together, it's because they're prudes and flip out that my wonderful boyfriend smokes and likes to drink on occasion.

We've been over this in a previous post.

Other than that, I can't think of anything else for it. Ever since I started inviting him along, they've pushed me out little by little. Maybe they just think I'm busy with him, but does that mean they should just stop asking all together and just assume I'm not available?

Meh. I hate talking about it. It makes me feel pathetic. I am pathetic. I can't keep friends. I keep losing them. I guess there's the college excuse. It's not like I just stopped talking to them or anything, I always talk to them online since that's the only time I ever can talk to them.

Since they're always out doing shit together.

I'm getting frustrated with it. I need college friends. I hate to say it, but these current ones still act like they're sixteen and are in that phase where it was cool to not drink or smoke, and to be wild and crazy and do stupid shit and not give a fuck.

But in reality, no one gives a fuck.

Maybe it's a completely different reason that I don't know. Whatever it is, fuck it.

Anyway, back to the original point. Today, I saw all the new status's about my friends birthday party, and all the pictures they've uploaded and whatnot, and I thought, what would happen if I just deleted them all?

Well for one, I'd have no friends. Period. But it's sort of tempting.

I don't know. Can someone give me the answer, please? Thinking hurts after so long.


  1. 1) Don't delete me :(
    2) Don't worry about them, real friends will still be in your life even if they find new ones
    3) Just to let you know, every letter 'F' in your blog is bold for some reason.

  2. I know exactly how u feel. 'cos I am the only one who's married in my group of frens. I even found out that they creates their own group in FB so that they can just talk abt their party over there ( i found out abt this accidentally when i log into one of my fren's acc) well, I am jealous but i think it doesn't matter anyway, I'm not so keen wit their Party anyway. I have my new frens coming in, SOme awsome Net frens too, who read my blog daily & chat wit me from ard the world. Now I have my own group of Good ppl too. I have some frens whom i still keep in touch once a while wit commenting in FB status & as for my Ex - Good fren now just become my Hi-Bye fren. My suggestion is u may still keep them and at the same time get some new frens, some group that are more suitable for u. There's really no need to get enemies cos u know once u started to delete them, that could really mean GOOD BYE FOREVER.... :S

  3. I have the exact same feelings too sometimes, ever since I started dating my boyfriend, it's as if he just deters my good friend from me... and I started hanging out with his friends, in hopes to become friends with them, but recently his best friend had a party and I wasn't invited because he doesn't think I'm also his friend... even though I've been spending the last 9 months with him...
    it's ridiculous and so tempting, but you know, if you start to talk to them more often, like calling them up and asking them out on some spontaneous adventure, it may not be as bad...
    Besides, facebook is such a time waster anyway. :)

  4. Venie - That really sucks that your "friends" made a secret group and didn't include you, it's so rude! I've got a lot of internet friends, too. Oddly, they're much more friend like than my in person friends.

    E - I get where you're coming from. It sucks when your friends (or boyfriend) sort of make you chose between them :( Thankfully my boyfriend doesn't do that, but my friends sort of make it like that.

  5. I guess they're just not the friends you thought they were.

    Ask yourself, apart from feeling jealous (which is perfectly understandable) how else you feel about this. Do you not think it's/they're a bit childish?
    Maybe you've outgrown them too.
    College and a new - more mature - group of friends is waiting for you.
    And real friends don't need to see each other all the time, I have some I might not see for months, but we know we're there for each other if needed. Those are the kind you want. Not fair-weather there for the good times ones.

  6. Yeah, I think I have outgrown them. Most of them anyway.

  7. I agree with LFC_Loads. xD
    But, yeah, one of my best friends since kindergarten and I split up. We barely talk. I don't think it's because I've outgrown her though. I don't know what it is. In the eighth grade, we just stopped being inseparable. o.O

  8. I agree entirely. I feel like a stranger in my group of friends most of the time. At least there is the internet, good old internet.

  9. Couldn't you actually confront them, and find out what is wrong?

  10. It's pretty obvious when my boyfriend goes out for a smoke, and they proceed to say things like "OMIGAWD smoking is SO GROSS. It smells so bad, people only do it because they think it makes them look cool!"

    As if I'm not right there.

    And yes, that is a direct quote. Not even exaggerated.

  11. Don't worry, nothing is wrong with you and them neither. Someone had just grow up. That's all. From the scribble here I can say: " Hey, u've a new group of frens" ;)


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