Saturday, March 24, 2012

If I see ONE MORE Twilight/Hunger Games relation....

I'm going to punch the person square in their fucking face.

Why is everyone relating Hunger Games to Twilight? Can someone fill me the fuck in, please? How on Earth are these two trilogies at all the same?!

All I've been hearing since Hunger Games announced it's movie:
Is Hunger Games finally going to replace Twilight? 
Hunger Games is so much better than Twilight!
I like Hunger Games better than Twilight!
I liked Twilight better than Hunger Games! (FREAK.)
Is Hunger Games the new Twilight?

Okay, idiots who keep comparing the two, here's the deal:
They are NOT in any way, shape, or form the same type of story. The only relations the two have is that they are both "Young Adult," trilogies, written by women, and went from book-to-movie.

That's it. Do you see any sort of comparison, here? Why relate the two? Just because of these familiarities listed above? If that's it, you might as well related Hunger Games to like 60 other movies. If not more. Probably a lot more. Someone told me that it's because both went from book to movie, and I just don't get why compare the two because of that? I mean, again they have absolutely nothing in common with their plots.

Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend (not my words, but can't find the direct quote). It's about a love triangle where a greedy, ignorant girl takes 3 books to decide which guy she wants to be with, and then when THAT finally happens, it's about if she wants to be a vampire or not.

Hunger Games isn't even supernatural. Everyone is human. It's about a girl who tries to gain the civilians of Panem freedom from their corrupt government that gives little to no fuck about them. It's about survival, the importance of family, friends, and standing together against a stronger evil. It's about doing what's right even if it's not what you want. It's about doing everything you can to keep your family and friends alive, and putting them before yourself.

So again, I'm completely fucking lost as to why EVERYONE is comparing the two. There's nothing to compare! Imagine if everyone was saying, I liked Hunger Games more than Titanic! Well, that's nice but how are the two plots even relevant?

I know I now sound like an over obsessed Hunger Games fan, but I'm not. I loved the book as much as the next person, but it's fucking annoying hearing everyone compare two totally different stories.


  1. I feel the exact same way. The Twilight comparing is starting to cool down. The people who were comparing the two were mainly the people who didn't even read The Hunger Games series. Since the movie came out,individuals are starting to realise it's nothing like Twilight. Hopefully by next year,when Catching Fire comes out,the comparing will stop. Yup,it's frustrating as hell.

  2. Agreed. Twilight fans are screwed naturally.

    Some said it was better than Harry Potter and I was like "gtfo betch".

    1. See, relating HP and HG would be a better comparison since they have a lot of the same qualities. Twilight and HG aren't even the same genre of book ><

      I loved both, but I haven't see the movie for HG yet.

  3. I have been feeling the exact same way, I swear.
    Just saw a newspaper article about it yesterday. THEY ARE IN NO WAY THE SAME, PEOPLE.

    And I think that quote was Stephen King's...I think.

  4. I KNOW! It's seriously annoying, especially when you like the things that happen to be 'in' just then.. First Harry Potter, then Twilight, then Hunger Games. I like or don't like each of them because of just itself, not because it's better than the previous one, or cooler than the next one..
    I feel like I could strangle those narrow-minded jerks, yeah, I understand..

  5. But I gotta agree, I'm curious about Hunger Games..I'm planning on reading them next month...

    1. You should, the books were much better than the movie. The movie was good too, but I think they filmed it thinking everyone already read the books and therefore left out a lot of vital information in the movie, and they changed around a lot. The books explain better.

      But I will say the third one was a bit disappointing to me >.> The ending was so cliche.

  6. I have to agree that people tend to be so surprised when a decent (or not so decent, in Twilight's case) YA series comes out that they begin comparing them - I guess since Twilight and The Hunger Games are so popular, those irritating bookphobes who have never seen a YA book before begin to think they are the only two out there, and that writers write YA to try and steal the spotlight.

    Teens are capable of reading a book for fun, not because it's popular, even though the masses seem to disagree.

    Great post, I'm following :)

    1. True, true. I also think that most people go crazy for love stories, and the ad's made a big deal about Katniss and Peeta even though for the first book and a half there wasn't much to them, at least on her side. People focus too much on a barely there love triangle than the whole point of the book >.>

      And woohoo!

  7. Darn it, Hunger Games doesn't deal with vampires and wolves. I've watched Hunger Games, but I haven't read the book. yet. Many people say its way better than the movie. On the other hand, I've read and reread all the Twilight books before I've seen the flick, and I've got to say that the books were better than the screen adaptation is. Well, maybe in that sense, they can be justly compared with The Hunger Games. I've got to read that book stat, however, to see if what I'm thinking is right..

    1. I can vouch 100% that yes, the books for Hunger Games are significantly better. The movie was awesome, but it was very rushed and lacked a lot of dialogue. It seemed as if they made it assuming everyone already read the books, therefore leaving out a lot of information. Reading the books will clarify a lot of things. The movie was good though, but not how I imagined it at all. The cast looks how I expected nearly exactly though, so that's a plus. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read the books, you won't be sorry :D

      I also liked the Twilight books more than the movies, but the books weren't too amazing themselves. It started out with potential, but it took four books for anything to happen! It was a waste of time, and has ruined the YA genre since all that's on the shelves is vampire romances... *sigh*

      And honestly, I don't think there's any logical way to compare the two series. They're totally different in every way, other than being young adult books that get a lot of hype. But you can't compare everything with such vast characteristics.


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