Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Describing yourself is a difficult thing. I'm horrible at it, for one. What is this blog, you ask? Or maybe you didn't. I'm going to pretend you did.
This blog, my good sir or madam, is hopefully somewhere to vent, talk, try to figure out the most complicated of things.

Somewhere maybe you can find others.
I have no idea how this thing works. I'll figure that out later. Whatever has been dubbed by my mind as important enough to ramble about, I will do so here.
Why on a blog? I've always thought they were stupid. Most of the time you're just talking to yourself. But maybe that's just what someone needs. After all, you're the only one who will ever understand yourself completely. But I've decided to make a blog because... well, I don't know really. Sometimes, I have nowhere else to go, and complaining on Facebook or whatever new site these younglings have found, seems no different than doing it on MySpace.
Maybe if I do so on here, someone just might glance at this, and finally get where I'm coming from. Or trying to say. Maybe someone will find some hope in here.
We all have friends. We have best friends, sisters, brothers, someone we can go to. Or maybe we don't. But we all know that we can't ALWAYS go to them, right? I mean, there's usually a limit. Or so it seems like that with me.
What do I want out of this? Just, hope. My hope, for anything, it goes in and out.
Finally, it just feels better to know this is out in the open, someone can see it, someone can relate, someone can get a laugh, I can make someones day better. Getting something off your chest makes you feel better. Keeping it inside will only eat at you slowly.

Maybe hope will be found here.


  1. I'm following your blog and I just read this post... right after posting a similar belief about blogging on my Facebook status. I just had to let you know that I do understand and thanks for posting.

  2. You can look at things as being motivated by two major forces. Fear and desire. Fear of being misundertood vs the desire to be profoundly undertood. Fear of being forgotten vs the desire to blog and keep a record of what you have created. Its a beautiful thing, really.


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