Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life Is Short.

"Life's too short for..." - Almost Everyone 
I've been hearing this a lot.

Life is too short.
Life is too short to fret.
Life is too short to blend in.
Life is too short to dwell on this and that.
Life is too short to not take this chance.

But I don't agree with this, at all. Life is not too short. Life is the longest thing you will ever do. Don't agree? Name one thing that you've done longer than be alive. 
Breathe? No. Talk! No. Blink? No. Do homework. Nice one, but no.

Why does everyone say life is too short?
Recently, a kid in my graduating class died in a car accident. Actually, a lot of kids died while I was in my Senior year. And whenever someone in their young years of life dies, everyone goes on saying that "life is too short." But just because someone who was 18 died, doesn't mean that life is short. It means that their life was shorter than you assumed it would be. And even so, what did that kid do that lasted longer than living? What did he do that he continued to do before or after passing? Nothing. 

Everyone's life will last differently. Some will die when they're 80, some when they're 12, some babies, or middle aged. Their life might have been short to you, the one who outlived them, but their life wasn't short. They were born, they had their run, they fulfilled their purpose, and they passed. Their life probably wasn't easy, like for most of us. They had their hardships, maybe more than you did, and that sure didn't make it short. For all you know, that could've been the hardest thing they ever had to endure, living their life, and maybe they were secretly or openly thankful that it was finally over. When things go bad, time seems to go by slower.

Those quotes up there are just  a few I've heard or found online for this post. And to me, those quotes are telling me that I'm just wasting my time when I cry over an ex, or am mad at homework or family or stupid people. They're telling me that I have to pop out and that blending in with people is a waste of time, a waste of life. Why can't I do any of those? Do I go around telling you that your feelings are invalid and a waste of time? No, I don't. We experience feelings for a reason, they help us develop, evolve, and grow. Why should we ignore them and act like whatever it was never happened, and like it never bothered us? That's not healthy. 

You cannot control how long you live, or how long anyone else lives. You can try and counter me by saying "what if someone commits suicide? They controlled that!" Yes, yes they did, but that was in their path of life, was it not? You can even bring religion into this if you'd like, and I can counter that, too. "God has a plan for everyone." So apparently, that was his plan.

So now I'm tired and complained out, I'll leave you to your business.


  1. I'll comment here too (comments are fun to get). I Don't think life is too short as much as too much of it is waisted on things that don't matter making it appear to be over quickly. That's a fixable problem in my book. Here's to life with no reset button!

  2. Haha yes! That's what I mean. I got off track a little and I'm not great at posting regular posts, mostly poems. But that's what I mean. It can seem short if you're not doing anything with your life.

  3. I love this. Everything in your blog is so refreshing to me. Even if i don't comment, i adore it. My senior year of high school, one of the best people that i've ever known died in a car accident. His name was Robbie Buddington. Everyone said that he died so young and his life was 'so short.' Well yes, technically, but he lived an amazing life. In his short eighteen years, he lived more than a lot of people do in an entire lifetime. This kid was a saint, and i don't say that just because he passed away and people tend to point out only the good things when a person passes. He was an idol. Yeah, sure he did some stupid things when he was younger, but who hasn't? The point is, he learned from those stupid mistakes, to never do them again. A lot of the U.S. fails at this, especially the spoiled, media fulfilled individuals. So many people saw through this, but i saw him as a legend. You know, kind of like the story of a Titan, as corny as that may sound. He was something that people should have adored, and tried to live up to as well. Not to copy or imitate his sincerity, but instead to use to develop their own, because everyone has their own unique sincerity; whether they realize it or not, or whether they may be so unfortunately out of touch with it, like a sociopath in a sense. I miss him and the positive influences that he contrived. But, i bet if i were to talk with him right now, he would tell me that he's happy with what he did with his life. It wasn't 'too short,' because he made the most and the best out of it; he was happy, and he made everyone else around him happy. I'll never look down to his death, aside from the fact that the world is missing something amazing now.

    And on another note Angela, i read one of your poems, 'I can still feel everything.' I fell in love with this line, and it influenced and inspired a part of my music. I began writing a song, but credit is due where credit is due. I was hoping that i could use this line in one of my songs as to see it from my own perspective, and of course, credit will be given to you whenever and wherever i post the lyrics. And if not, don't be shy to say so. I understand :]

  4. wow your really good! i used to write poems but i stopped i forgot why i would start but i dont know if i still got my skills lol keep up this good work

  5. @ James : awh I really appreciate that :D Robbie sounds like he was an awesome person, someone people could learn a lot from. And of course you can use that line, and thanks for the credit :D I want to hear it when you're done!

    @ Isabella : you should start, writing is a great way to vent and get feelings out so you're not confused anymore :) plus it's just fun! haha

  6. Of course! And yes, he was! Thank you so much Angela! I'll be sure to send it your way once it's done!

  7. I Think James pounded the nail in when he said Robbie would not think his life was too short because he made the most of the time he had. Essentially that is what we should get from the cliche of lifes too short. Make the most of the time we have.


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