Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photography. (PIX)

Just a tidbit of my amateur "photography" I took earlier because the sunset was just stunning.
 And yes, I know, They're just flowers and a tree and sky, that's not exactly "photography" but hey, I did say amateur! Plus I live in Los Angeles, not much to take a picture of where I am. These are taken from my backyard. Just thought some of you would enjoy these :)

And yes, I edited the coloring some, so sue me! I love editing pictures, and I'm good at it, so HAH to you sir or madame!

Yes, you're welcome to use these if you want to for some odd reason, but please give me the credit!


  1. haha.. I have an interest in photography.. but I'm not at it.. i usually edit pictures most of the your not alone and applaud to this pictures!

  2. Very beautiful. I love California and miss it even though I've only been there a few times on vacation and for a work trip.

  3. I love these! Especially the first one. I love how the background looks blurry compared to the leaves. :)

  4. Thanks guys!
    Yeah that's really awesome isn't it Jodie? I didn't even notice until I uploaded it haha

  5. hahaha

    Jodie is right. The first one is really nice.

    Good job.


  6. Did you remove the EXIF data or is it automatic?

  7. I didn't remove anything lol I edit the color a bit on picnik


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