Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pant Size Proof.

I went to go get some pants today, gave it another try, and I was right.

So just some picture proof about the pant size thing. They're making them smaller. I took 3 pairs into the dressing room to try them on. They all said "size 7". Nothing more. They also only had 3 pairs of pants in my size, TOTAL. They had infinite pants of sizes 1, 5, 9, and everything past 11 up to 17. No 7s. You'd think they'd produce more of what is needed, you know, "supply and demand". But no. 

My grandma also said that the "size 7, fit 6" might be for girls who buy in evens. Which is logical, but also still really stupid. Why label it a 7 when it's for someone of a size 6?? We're not the same size, hence the number difference! Which also makes my theory in my last post true, also. 

So here are the pictures.

Pair Number 1. My pants that I just wore are on the bottom, new ones on the top.

New pair says 7.
My pair also says 7.
Clearly, there is a difference here, by at least a half inch or little more. Now the other pair.

Pair Number 2. New on top, Mine (same as before) on the bottom.
Yep, it says size 7!
So, there's apparently something going on with the fashion designers. I'm on to you.
But my third pair actually fit, slightly snug like all new pants, but lined up perfectly with my current size 7s.

In conclusion to my little theory, they're making mens pants bigger, and labeling them smaller. They're making girls pants smaller, and labeling them the same. Way to support anorexia, bulimia, and other weight conscious diseases, fashion designers!


  1. If they make girls seem fatter than they actually are, they're going to try to lose as much weight so they can keep their pant sizes. They have to buy pants one size up to keep wearing, and then lose weight so they go back down to their original size. Therefore, the designers and pant makers get more money by selling more pants.

  2. Hmm.. not really, if the girl who was weight conscious enough to want to lose the weight to go back to her "original" size, she'd probably just not buy the pair at all and lose the weight before going back. Plus, all the bigger sizes except 7 were there, in 2 stores I went to today.

  3. But if they're in desperate need of pants, such as formal occasion or all their pants are damaged, they wouldn't have a choice but to get the "larger" size.

  4. True but I don't think that happens so often for girls my age lol

  5. Why doesn't this sh*t surprise me :( I tell ya'.

  6. What's so great about being super skinny? I'm super skinny(size 1 and 0 in pants; extra small or small in tops) and I really don't see what's so great about it. You're always cold becaus you have no body fat to keep yu warm. :/ It's irritating. I actually want to gain weight.

  7. Same here Jodie, I'm not a size 1, but I'm still pretty thin and I'm almost always cold (except during summer like it was) and plus you bruise so easy ><

  8. Hi, just saw your blog and I'm loving it!
    I agree with Jodie, I'm trying to gain weight too, the fashion industry is getting more pathetic every year.

  9. It really is. I understand that different designers have different mannequins and sizes, and that it might be off sometimes. But why not just make a mandatory size for all mannequins? Like with guys, you measure pants by waist and leg length. Why can't it be something like that for girls, and not have to just guess what looks right??!

  10. I agree with jodie and I´m trying to gain weight but unfortunately my body doesn´t want to.... I´m eating ice cream, chocolate, cakes and so on but I haven´t gained weight yet!

  11. try eating late at night, like past 7pm. your metabolism slows around then so it doesn't digest as well so you gain weight

  12. Lolz, I didn't know that... about the eating late at night. I have to do that. :D Thanks!


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