Thursday, February 10, 2011

OK, One New One. (PIX)

"Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film." - Anonymous

 I've had these in my photo's folder for a week or so. I only liked the first one at first. The rest I thought were terrible, though had some potential. They're completely out of focus, but after looking at them again for the first time in a week, I don't think they're that bad, really. So take a gander.

Update - Music page is coming along nicely, and there's a Quotes page, which, we'll see where that goes.

I caught him in one of his thinking moments.

Um, pretty water is pretty?

Twigs. Twigs everywhere, man. 


  1. Haha, twigs. Twigs everywhere, man. LOL. I love these pictures :)

  2. nice pic. u look sad tho. and ur bg is effin sweet

  3. I'm not in any of these o.O
    And thanks guys :D

  4. beautiful photos! I wish summer would come already....

  5. All the pictures ARE good but I especially like the water one. If this is any indication of your regular picture taking abilities, I think you could be a professional photographer.

    Also, the one of the guy who is presumably your boyfriend is also especially good. It is hard to capture someone at precisely the right time. Excellent job, Angela.

  6. Oh really?? I wish I could be a professional photographer. I'd LOVE that.

    Ahah yeah, he didn't even know I took the picture until I told him!

  7. Really nice. I likie.

  8. They are all fantastic photos! You really should be a pro photographer.

  9. These are so good! I love the lighting and the colors and the water and basically they're just great!

  10. Thanks Joanna :D I'm glad you like the colors, I was afraid they looked kind of weird, but maybe I'm just being over critical of my own work xD


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