Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wishing to start again?" - Katy Perry Firework

Yeah, I know, everyone hates that song, stfu I like it, and it fits my mood nicely.

I don't know why people hate that lyric. I think it's great.
Do you ever feel like a piece of trash no one notices?
Do you ever feel insignificant?
Do you ever feel left out?
Do you ever feel crappy, unwanted?

Yeah, I like it.

I have this annoying urge to blog right now. It could possibly be because I want to rant, like I usually do. That's all I ever do here, is rant and complain. How do you guys put up with me, eh?

So anyway, I've felt kind of shitty lately. Well, here and there more often than usual.
And sadly, it's my friends making me feel like so. Or some of them. I don't know if I suddenly just can't take a joke, or if they're just being mean but don't mean to be, or what. But it's kind of getting on my nerves.

Friend 1 posts a status, I comment on it with something nice and happy.
Her response? "Go away."

I send a funny video to Friend 2, I say something along the lines of, "hahaha you have to watch this!"
Her response? No.
I say, "waatch iiiit!!"


There's a few other things, but I'm not sure if a few of them mysteriously follow me, so I'll keep them out.
But it's still bothering me!

Why can't you just watch the fucking video? Or if you don't want to, DON'T COMMENT ON IT. I don't care if you just feel like being a bitch to everyone, but fuck. I was just being nice.

If any of us talk, it's for like three seconds and that's it.

My sick boyfriend has been more responsive than that, and he's been barfing all over the place.

That says something.

Meh. Either it's been one of those days (for the past two weeks) or a few people need an attitude change.

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  1. I am getting the feeling you are starting to loose perspective in your blog. Perhaps you need someone to talk to about everything? Unload? Just a thought. Everyone always seems to just post positive stuff not realizing that the negative can be more meaningful. Or you can just tell me to fuck off. But I am good at listening and would like to listen if I am correct.


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