Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On The Rag.

It's not PMS that's bothering me, it's you.

Ladies, have you ever been angry at a guy, tried to put in him his place, and he just says, "you must be on your period" ?

Guys, why do you always think it's the PMS that's making us angry, and not your stupid ass remarks?
Of course, you can never be at fault. You're the genius, right? Us ladies are just mad at you because of a temporary hormonal imbalance. Not because you're, God forbid, wrong or just bluntly annoying at the moment.

FYI : No, this is not about my boyfriend. Just a men in general topic.

So this is the story: I make a little status about how my iPod is sad because it has no new music on it, for many months. I don't have iTunes on my laptop because it messes up my laptop for some reason, and my desktop that does have iTunes is not hooked up. Courtesy of my Uncle. Anyway, a friend of mine comments, "just get a new one."

Why should I get a new..what? New what?

Then he says, "Get a Zune!"

But why should I get a Zune? I'd just waste more money to buy something I don't need. My iPod works fine. I just don't have iTunes.

His response? "Nah, you should see my Zune. I love my Zune."

Well, good for you, but I don't want a Zune. I would just like to have some new music on my iPod.

Then someone else said that I should just get a new one. Again. And then after saying what I just fucking said (about wasting money I don't have on something I don't need) he says to get a Zune.

As you may have guessed, by now, I'm a little irritated at these repetitive responses going in circles.
So, I tell him in nice big letters that I am not going to get a Zune and that my iPod is FINE and if he can't comprehend that, then he's fucking stupid.

Then he get's mad at me and says I must be on the rag.
This always happens. No, they cannot be wrong. They cannot be at fault. They're not just being annoying. It's just me PMSing. That's why I'm mad, not because they can't fucking read or comprehend simple sentences, and continue to be fucktarded.

Some people just deserve to have their head shoved through a wall.


  1. It's mostly because they're fucking stupid, and partly because they're obsessed with our vaginas, and absolutely everything in their dull, pathetic lives has to relate to our vaginas in some way.

  2. This is one of the worst assumptions a guy can possibly make. Drives me nuts. And actually, according to some studies mentioned by my Human Sexuality professor, women are no moodier than men. At all. So there, boys.

  3. LOL Hannah, that's great xD

    Joanna - I think we're just better at showing it :D

  4. Well, in response to the original problem, I don't know if you are against downloading free music or whatever, but I go to and download music from there. you don't need an account or anything, but it is kinda hard to find the right song. I've done some looking around, and I haven't seen anything that says the website is illegal or anything, but there you go.

    As for the PMS thing, yeah, its cuz most of us are retarded and we tend to think with our penis. Me, I would never ask a girl that, especially a girlfriend, because, well, its common sense. (And it seems like if you ask them that and they are on their period, they get even more pissed then they would if they weren't on it.) But thats just my perspective on it.

  5. Heh moodier is a loaded word, but there are differences between men and women. To most men you offer a "problem" they are going to offer a solution and can't possibly comprehend why you would get irritated for them trying to help you out. Men don't tend to be very good about simply acknowledging womens desire to simply vent.

  6. Gargus - You've completely missed the point. I can't get music onto my iPod without iTunes. I've already got a place to get music, but I need iTunes to get it ON my iPod.

    More w/ Less - Lol that's very true, my boyfriend calls himself a "solution man." LOL

  7. What an idiot. And think - the iPod will be even more sad if it hasn't got anything new in months and is then replaced by something else :(

  8. Hey, Amp! I gave you an award at my blog. Check it out! :)

  9. Haha Tom, exactly XD Plus I can hold LOADS more music than I can with a Zune.

    Joanna - WOO!!

  10. Holy shit I started reading this and thinking "oh fuck, what did I do?!" But then it was cool

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