Thursday, July 15, 2010


"I'll leave when the wind blows, take a breath and away it goes..." - The All American Rejects When The Wind Blows

The perfect day. 
You come by, take my hand, and lead me away.
We walk far into the open land, hand in hand.
Who knows where we'll end up?
It's a day of adventure. 

We venture, walking forward,
straight into the path of the sun.
It's rays leading us, like a long, golden passage,
to nowhere in particular.

Twists and turns, they fool and trick us.
Leading us one way, and then another.
We run into each other, wondering how could we get so lost,
in a place so vast and bright?
We don't mind, we go where our eyes tell us.
It's a day of adventure. 

We wonder these long, winding dirt roads,
up, up, up into the distance.
Fooling around, observing everything we see
that's out of our usual norm.
Taking so much time in looking, thinking, wondering
over the smallest of things. 
How incredible they are to us, in this moment.
In this moment, everything is huge.

Every life we run by, is different. 
They're all so close together, and yet so distant. 
They still live in harmony, everything has it's right to be there,
and they're accepted.

You look at me, and I look at you.
It's as if nothing else matters.
There's no one around us for miles.

The sun in you face, it lights up your eyes.
Your eyes, your smile, I could look at them forever.
In this moment, there's so much to say.
I wish you were mine, just for this instant. 
A small moment, where I could hold you, 
and you were mine.
Mine to hold, to touch, to feel.
I want to feel my face against your shirt,
your arms around me, lost in your scent.

None of this is mine, but I long for it. 

We leave our secret horizon, 
so high and isolated from everyone else.
Walking away from our golden passage, 
as it sinks behind it's curtains,
our hands lightly touching, but never holding.

It was a day of adventure,
and I found it.
I hold on to the memory of your face,
framed perfectly by the suns warm, golden rays,
lighting up your eyes.

It's all I have left of you.


  1. Reading this was eerie, like a stranger was writing about one of my memories.

  2. This describes perfectly an experience I've had. Even the title fits perfectly.

  3. I'll consider that a win, then :) I love when my poems are relate-able ^_^


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