Thursday, July 15, 2010


"For my part, I know nothing with any certainty. But the sight of the stars makes me dream." - Van Gogh

So recently my life has slightly changed. Not in anyway extravagant, but some of my views have widened. 
My last two poems, that I've written in the wee hours of the morning, I think they were called "Misunderstanding" and "Moments", right? I forget. I've been up a long time. Anyway, my last two poems, there was a lot of living in the moment and life in them. I'm reading a book, "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher, and it's about a girl who was stalked for six years, and then abducted by the man, moved across continents, and away from city life. To him, he was "saving her" from becoming what her parents wanted, and brought out to the middle of Australia where "real life" is. Everything in the city is fake, to him. Now, I'm not that far into the book, but this has got me thinking, and since I'm stuck at home with a lovely case of Strep, missing my friends parties and whatnot, I might as well think. 

Anyway, the book has me thinking : we don't really know what's going on. Anywhere. Sure we have the news, but again, that's selective. It's what they want us to know. You can't just go up to the government and ask, "hey what's up, yo?" they'd probably kick you out. We have the internet, but that's either a lie, half the truth, or again, what they want us to know. 

How often do you drive by someones house, drive through a neighborhood, your own even, and think what might be going on in that house, on the corner? Or what about a girl a mile away from you, even in the house behind you, does she really live there? 

How often do you pass by someone on the street, or in the halls of your school, and see that one kid who makes a big deal about turning in something late. To you, he's the class nerd, right? But what made him that way? What goes on at home that made him that way?

Our worlds are so different from each other.

I went to the beach a few weeks ago, and was talking with my friend. We ended up talking about how right there, in that water, is literally a whole different world than what we know. The animals in the ocean don't have a room of their own, cell phones, and they're not told on the news every night at 6 what happened that day. Every moment of their life is something new, what they want it to be, and their way to survive. All the different species out there in the ocean, they all speak a different language. Especially from us. Isn't it weird? And here we are, us humans, packed into houses, that are packed into cities, that are packed into states and countries. We pack ourselves into  our cars, drive around in backed up mazes we call roads, sitting in traffic annoyed that it's not going fast, completely oblivious to the driver next to us. We don't care about anyone we pass by on the street, we drive by and take little notice. 

When I first came on here, I talked to someone in the Coffee shop, and he later asked me, "you're from London, right?" Even over the internet, the one thing that keeps us connected to anyone in the world, we assume they're from where we are, and lead similar, homey lives. We really don't know anything. 

I sat up all night, and I had the window open. I watched as the sun went down, it got dark, and now it's light again ( I didn't sleep, not yet, anyway). In this time, nothing has happened. My backyard has stayed the same. The plant outside it is the same height. The only thing that changed was the lighting, the time. But outside my small window, what about the house across from me? What went on in that house? Or a block away?

I know, I'm a little weird in the head to some of you. I get that a lot. I've just found a lot of things fascinating in the past few days. I thought I knew a lot, but now all that just got beaten by the unknown. I pretty much know nothing, and unless you ask everyone around you their life story, you don't know much either, about the world.


  1. WOW you really go into thought in matters. The things you talk about most people really over look and don't think about. But you have truth behind what you say about why people are the way they are. Everyone is shaped and formed into the person they are today from life experiences. But what life experiences cause people to do the things they do? Or what makes them like the things they like?

  2. Angela, Angela. I think you've stumbled across one of the great truths, and stumbling onto it is the only way to do it. It's a truth that can change your whole perspective, if you let it. It's during these humbling moments that I feel the most connected to life. I appreciate your thoughts here.

  3. AiresOFwar: aah exactly. The weird things people do, their characteristics that you find different from your own, everyone grew up different. Your neighbor might have lived next to you for years, but their traditions and the way they live are different.
    Have you ever noticed that the first time you go over to someone's house, you just don't know what to do, but the mom is always like "make yourself at home!" and you still can't figure out what to do?? haha!

    and Muller : haha thanks. I just think a lot. This time in the world is figuring everything out, and no matter how many things we invent, improve, we'll still only know a small amount of anything.

  4. Yeah well you go over to some peoples house and they say make your self at home and your thinking to yourself hmmmmmmmm if I walk around in my undee's you might not like that XD. Yeah but no matter what they say your not going to make your self at home. I mean your to busy trying to figure out how to act around them because what you might call normal could be weird to them.

  5. Haha I know right?? I had a perfect example of that a few weeks ago. I went over to my friends house, and when I walked in, he's like "shoes off! asian household!" (which is quite common). And it just caught me off guard because since he's a teen, he's not as into the traditions as the older generation would be, so I didn't think to do so.
    And then today, I go over to my other friends house, and he's asian too, and I didn't take my shoes off the entire time, so did a few people, and he didn't care. I find it so funny how different everyone's living style is!

  6. I just wanted to say I've had similar thoughts about all of that. Maybe it's more a nosy interest than a consideration for mankind's well-being... But I've definitely shared the same ideas as you.

  7. Hmm... it's true. I was thinking the same thing last time. The world we live in is so crazy. We live in a very hectic sphere called the Earth and we're all united somehow. But, no one really awknowledges that. We're all humans, we're all the same. The only difference between us all is what makes us, not what we are. It's a very convoluted sentence, and makes no sence, but wtv. I tried to explain my thoughts, but my thoughts never remain in one place. (No, I do NOT have ADD) But yeah... I'm cool like that. :D

  8. Hectic. That's a good way to describe it. Like to me, I might have had a boring day, didn't do much. But somewhere else in the world all this crap is happening and I don't even know it.
    And I agree, what makes us is what makes us different. We're really all the same in most ways. We're all humans, so we can't be that different.

    Oh I know, trust me, it's really hard to keep a writing post like this on one subject D:

  9. oh wow angela i've thought about this a lot too. have you just like stolen a piece of my brain? maybe i've stolen a piece of YOUR brain. maybe we're all thinking how we've discovered something but really we're all sharing the same discovery?

    it's like with friends. even though i see my friends. we laugh. we chat about clothes, boys, life. we go home. we're completely different people at home. our home life never goes into our social life. we don't see life the same way because of the way we live.

    and hey there are girls on the other side of the world washing clothes all day and getting water from a half-dried-up river, sewing, mending, sewing, mending, cooking... and all this we'll never know because THIS is the way we live. this newage facebook computer LIFE. facebook equals LIFE. how dare we complain about not getting an iPhone or spilling paint on our new shoes when really there are girls and boys out there without shoes!

    oh hey have you ever watched Babel? i think you should. very very thought-provoking movie.

    i'm sorry i like to rant :S

    anyway i really like your blog okay <3

    hey that loner nerdie guy we pass by in the hallways every day at school? we should talk to him more.

  10. Maybe we're just awesome?

    And nah, I love long comments like these ^^ it shows that someone actually puts thought into what they're writing about.

    Exactly! I mean, even if we sleep over our friends houses, there's always some change because we're there. When we're gone, it's different.

    We should :] you meet some of the best people like that.


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