Sunday, October 10, 2010


"He's gonna come out of there!" "NO I'M NOT!!" - Me, and Scary Guy at the Haunted House

Rock Band :D
Today was pretty much epic, along with some epic pictures. This is just a random post, no poems or life morals. Just a happy day :)

It was my friend Sean's birthday party, and we just hung out at his apartment playing video games for about 6 hours. Half the apartment was barricaded off by a couch and some chairs, and the guys over took the TV's playing video games and molesting each other (playfully, for those who I may offend). I'm pretty sure the guy living below him wasn't too happy with all the thumping. 

After that, we walked to the community college that's holding a Halloween Festival (though two-thirds of the group took cars, leaving about 6 of us to walk there ourselves, the jerks). Then it was onward to the haunted house! Which was pretty freaky and well done for such a cheap college. And that's where my quote derives from. 
This one guy kept popping out at us, and on our way out of the maze part I saw his shadow in the curtain, and I yelled "He's gonna come out of there!" and then the actor flailed out running and yelling "NO I'M NOT!!"

Pretty hilarious.

Then after that, we went over to the corn maze, which was huge, to play Hide-And-Seek. 
Smart right? 
So us logical thinking people thought, OK, you enter at one end, and exit opposite right?
And it took us almost the whole hour to figure that out. So we all ran around in a dark corn maze, myself in flats on bumpy ground and random stalks of corn everywhere, running from whoever the hell was it. I never knew, I just ran. Eventually we got separated because all the guys thought they knew the way out. They didn't. 

We eventually made it out, and then my friend ran into a gate covered in oil, and ricocheted off onto the floor. He's such a klutz lmao.  The night ended with funnel cake, how else should it be ended?
Pretty awesome day. Definitely one of the nights I want to remember, hence why I have it on here.
I love how no one looks normal here :)

THIS ISN'T EVERYONE. I think at this point, the other half was on the hay stacks and wouldn't come over.
Pretty awesome day. Definitely one of the nights I want to remember, hence why I have it on here.

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