Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Photography. (PIX)

"I said it's hot outside, let me go swimming in your eyes. We've been running for a while, why don't you lay down, make me smile? I could never ask for nothing better than this. It's just tequila and the beach, that's why it's salty when we kiss." - Dirty Heads Lay Me Down

Found a few more pictures. None were taken recently, maybe a week ago at soonest, but awesome nonetheless :) I also highly recommend you listen to that song up there! It's my favorite song :)
I'm the only one who hasn't been tossed in yet, but shhh ;)

Summer :)


I did not edit the lights into this picture, just fyi :)

Me! Taken by Halle <3 I'm below her on a Haystack :)

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