Sunday, October 10, 2010


Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.
I miss the rain,
those dark, cold days,
cold winds blistering my face.

As I stand in the street,
puddles at my feet,
I raise my face towards the sky.

Droplets hit my face,
the coldness of them stunning,
randomly speckling my skin.

They run down my face, my arms,
chilling me to the bone.
I can't feel anything
but the soaking wet of my clothes.

I am completely numb.

One step forward.
My pace so slow,
headlights rushing my way.

They don't like me in the street.

Two steps, three steps, four steps,
as I make my way to his door.
I stand on his door step, 
hesitant to knock.

What will he do when he finds me here?
What will I do?
Bracing for the worst, I gulp down my fears,
and lift my fist to knock.

The door slides open before my fingers touch it's wood.
It creaks, and he stands there,
hair tousled from sleep.
How did he know I was coming?

I stutter, and turn, to walk back into the rain.
He doesn't want me here.
But he pulls me in, and hugs my cold, damp body.
Does he want me here?

His fingers caress my cheek, and he looks down at me,
giving me that half smirk I can't resist.
He knows I can't resist.
He knows I shouldn't be here.
He does it anyway.

I hold tighter.
I shouldn't, but I do.
Right now, he's all mine.
His sent, his touch, his embrace, his love.

He strokes my hair, it tangles in his fingers,
and walks me to the curb.
I knew this would happen, it always happens.
He teases me so much.

As he reaches down,
his lips touch my forehead,
and he whispers to me,
not now.

When, when can it be now?
It will never be now,
but I'll still keep trying.
I'll wait patiently for my now.
I'll wait for nothing.


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