Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mockery of Death.

"Lets play a game, you (audience) guess if the shown meal is a super sized take out order, or an inmates last meal." - Jay Leno (or Lenno, I never knew, and don't particularly care).

*Cussing will be involved.

Jay Lenno/Leno has a new game for his late night comedy talk show.
I don't know the exact name of it, but how you play is that he says a list of food (like, "3 cheese burgers, 2 large fries, a large coke, sprite, and a slice of chocolate cake!") and the audience has to guess if it's one of America's fat citizens ordering a super sized take out meal, or an inmates last meal before they're killed on Death Row.

I'm not sure where to start, since this is so morally wrong, that it's utterly ridiculous. Who the fuck finds humor in this? Really, America? People find this shit funny?! Who came up with this idea? How did it even come to be a topic of conversation for a damn GAME SHOW?!

"Hey, Jay, I've got an idea for an interactive game for you and your audience!"
"Oh really? Lets hear it!"
"Lets mock the inmates on Death Row by making their last meal into a game show by comparing what they order to a super sized take out meal!"

Yeah, brilliant.
Honestly, what happened to comedy? Have we gone so slow, gotten so stupid, and crave mindless entertainment so much that we actually find someones death funny?

I mean, I can understand that the men and or women on Death Row did some pretty fucked up shit to be put to death, but still. This isn't something to mock, or find humor out of! If it was supposed to be humorous, they'd record it for the public and make THAT a game show. What would they call that, "The Human Sausage Fest! Tonight at 8!"
"How long until Freddy stops sizzling? Whoever guesses closest gets $5,000!"

And yet, Jays hundreds of thousands of viewers, sit at home with their family and watch this shit.
America, you have severely disappointed and failed me.


  1. I haven't seen this show, and have no wish to. It is merely pandering to the prurient interest of its viewers. You may be interested in Game of Death, which I wrote earlier this year and which discusses an even more horrible scenario.

  2. Yeah, trust me, you're not missing much. I leave the TV on when I read before bed, and I over hear some of the skits on the late night comedy shows, and they're all boring and dumb.

  3. hahahahaha I find most of his shit funny. :) I think I've watch one of those segments. But, I don't remember it being rude. I thought it was funny as hell. :D

  4. i guess you'd have to be empathetic to really care about those on Death row...personally i'd have to see them to be empathetic

  5. Amp, I haven't seen the show, but I think you've got the joke a bit backward. Surely the game is supposed to be mocking greedy fastfood consumers by illustrating that they will, on an ordinary day, order something as gluttonous and excessive as a death-row inmate might for his last meal? I don't think it's supposed to mock the inmates.

    As I said, just giving an outside opinion.

  6. WOW! Sounds to me like mr. jay leno is running out of shit to talk about. Looks to me like the beginning of the end for that crap show! great post!

  7. Jon : I've been told by a lot of people I'm really empathetic lol

    TUMs : It's mocking both. Personally, I don't think it's enough for a comedy segment. I'm also getting tired of the "america's fat" thing, it was funny for a while, and true, but it's just been so played out lol

  8. whaaat. i've never seen the show. but i think he's running out of things to do on the show :S america is transforming everything into comedy to earn money and appease audiences.

    ps. i've never heard of or seen "I love boobies" bracelets LOL and i can't imagine it being a trend but there ya go. america is commercializing everything haha

  9. The "i love boobies" bracelets and shirts are to support breast cancer :3


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