Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Hallows Eve

Trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat!!

This is just my obligational blog post on my Halloween :) PS - The pictures are in no specific order. haha

The Beginning

Saturday, around 5:00pm, I go over to my friend Riley's house and help her decorate for her party. It consisted of : streamers, black lights, blue lights, candles everywhere, balloons (manually blown, sadly), party poppers, and of course, GLOW STICKS. Usually, I'd have taken way more pictures. However, I didn't know a lot of the people (oddly), and so I was mostly with my friend Efrain, and he took up most of my pictures. Also it was really dark, so my settings weren't the best for dark. 

As people arrived, it started out a tad awkward, so I left to go blow up more balloons (great stomach work out, by the way haha). Though, those didn't last long since people loved to pop them and scare the girls (and Nhan, who's a boy). For the most part of the beginning, it was me trying to find people I knew and stay around them (and eat all the chips), and then my friend Efrain arrived! I haven't seen him in a while, and he knew almost no one so we stuck together.

The party got going, everyone was glowing. We then put on "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and of coursed danced to it! The video really ends maybe 30 seconds in, but I wasn't sure if they were going to start dancing again.

The Middle

After eating shameless amounts of chips and really bad guac, and a few brownies (actually, I had no real food for about 24 hours. Someone ate my tacos :( ) we all gathered in the TV room to watch Rocky Horror! But the TV didn't work. So we herded ourselves into the X-Box room, and we all got cozy *wink wink* 

There was a mass of people on the floor, all on top of each other. Efrain and I got the small sofa to ourselves since it's for like, 2 people. If that. We snuggled up (yay :P) and all sang along to the songs, ate candy, groped randomly (hey, it was dark!) and snuggled some more.

I was in a very happy place :D

But then Efrain had to leave. Sad face.

Then we brought out the OUIJI BOARD. Personally, I believe in ghosts. But I don't know if these first few were real, our friend Jacob likes to mess around a lot. But anyway, we got a ghost of a serial killer who killed like, 30 people in a year. He was hitting on Riley. I swear, he even used " (: " happy face! It was SO funny.

The End

After everyone left, and it was just Richard, Riley, Greg (who left about an hour after the others) and I finally got a chance to have a serious seance. 
Most of the ghosts would only talk when Riley was touching the disc, (later most of them said she was a "witch" or "more spiritual" than us, we mostly were joking around while only a few were really serious about it). But as long as she was touching it, they'd answer.

I know a lot of you are going to say this is fake and someone was moving the disc, but it was only 3 of us touching it, and a few times when Riley was off doing something, it did move for Richard and I, and I promise we weren't moving it! You'd have felt it, it was a heavy disc. 

Anyway, we eventually got this ghost named Theodore. He was so nice and really funny. We asked about him, and basically Riley knows his son, and Theo helps to guard Riley. (Riley gets into a lot of trouble, like with hurting herself since she's so adventurous lol) Eventually we asked how many ghosts were in the room with us, 34! Freaky stuff man. But they were mostly watching over her and us.

Efrain (he was Clark Kent) 
Riley asked if anyone was watching over me, and he said my great grandpa :) And I'd bet he is, he died a little while before I was born, and really wanted to see me. I heard he was hysterical, I wish I'd of met him.
We also went on asking silly questions, one was "how many people like us/what are their initials" and for me, I got 4 people, and I asked for one of their initials, and i got "M.Y" which was my boyfriends initials at the time (we just broke up haha). Theo would only give us one each. 

And Riley being Riley, she asked (a while ago) when she was going to die, and a few of the ghosts (even that night) said about the same thing, and they'd keep swishing the disc to "ZNZ" which were the initials of the guy who'd do it. But Theo said they're wrong, and that it's going to be before her upcoming birthday, and how, and who. Richard and I were so worried, and I started crying lol 

Riley didn't seem too disturbed about it though. She's just like that. She was like, "well, at least I'll be around all of my friends before I go, and having a lot of fun!" (He said this stalker of Rileys, who she already knew who, was gonna crash her party and.. etc.) He also said I'd be scared for life. Joy. lmao
I really hope it isn't true.

And this is how we woke up!
It was really fun with Theodore, we could feel him! He was between Riley and I, and our arms were SO cold, and he held some of the other's hands. When I put my other arm out behind me, it was noticeably warmer than above the board. Faint breeze too.  

We asked Theodore, "is there a God?" and he said "yes, we all have our own."
I thought that was sweet. It made me smile. And yes, he wrote that all out on the letters, pretty fast too, thankfully Riley has been doing this for a while! haha I could only get parts. I hope we get Theodore again, if we do this any time soon again. 

So finally we broke it off, and said bye to Theodore, and watched the Host Club, which is an anime. I don't usually like anime, but I'm so hooked on this one. It's hilarious and ridiculous. Look it up (there's more to the name, but I for got it). And then Riley, Richard and I went to bed. Richard's mom got a bit drunk and passed out on his aunts sofa, so she couldn't pick him up. lmao!

<-- And that is how we woke up! (Richard, he was a pretty legit Brock from Pokemon :D We had a Missy too!)

Actually On Halloween

I went over to Rileys later after leaving earlier, and her, Nhan and I hung out and gave out candy. We had spooky music and everything, and Nhan would sneak around and scare the children. Eventually, we got a tad bored and started playing Disney songs and show tunes and sung along (quite badly) to them, and quite loudly. It was awesome.



  1. Cool stuff, I like the Picasso-style "Drawing with Light" glowstick fight photo.

  2. Haha yeah, that one came out pretty awesome. There's a couple others like that, but no room for them :P

  3. "But then Efrain and to leave. Sad face." right above The End.

    You can delete/not approve the comment

  4. I was trying to help point out a boo-boo..."But then Efrain and to leave."

    Should it be But then Efrain had to leave?

    Right above The End and the glowstick in front of the face photo.

    Some people hate those mistakes but it's hard to see them all the time on your own - so I try to point them out. Even on commercial websites, it's a strange obsession.

  5. OH WOW I didn't even see that, and I re read it too D: thanks lol

  6. Cool, what is the camera you usually use?

  7. Sony Cyber-shot, 7.2 mega-pixel

  8. That sounds like a lot of fun!! :D


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