Friday, November 12, 2010

Jorge :) (PIX)

My friend Jorge is an amazing artist and DREW ME!! As a late graduation present, I must share this picture!!

It's so good, SO GOOD! I cannot get over how amazing he is!

^ This is the original :)


  1. That really does look good. :D

    He did a great job.

    It looks awesome!!

    That's really cool that he drew that for you.

  2. That is bloody impressive!

    Nice job =]

  3. That is awesome =) The detail on the hair is amazing.

  4. I can't draw/paint/whatever to save my life but nevertheless I mostly hate looking at people's "art" because many people aren't nearly as "good" as they think/would like to be & I just am very picky about what I like.

    I believe really good artists are like really good anything - fairly uncommon. That said I think you are absolutely right about your friend, at least in this case. I think he did a remarkable job. Kudos to your friend Jorge.


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