Friday, November 5, 2010


"Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see." - George W. Russell

Being flawless is overrated.

I walk around the Plaza near by when I'm bored, looking at all the small shops and getting a drink at Starbucks or something. I went into a CVS and walked to the make up department, since that's really the only place that at all appeals to me in CVS, other than the isle of candy (they sell brands I don't see anymore). 

And as I'm walking, my eyes catch the ad's for all of the make up, and for some reason, at that moment it just really got to me. 

All of those girls are fake.

They're photoshopped. They're airbrushed. They're in no way real. I look at the pictures of the different color eyeshadow, and it's in the same exact pattern, just a different shade. Even their examples are fake. 

None of those girls had a single line on their face, not one acne scar, or a mole, or an eyebrow hair out of place.
It's so fake. And it's badly photoshopped, too. They're so smooth and flawless, that you can barely see the skin indents (you know, like the ridges on your finger, or the small little lines on the top of your hand?) There's nothing there. 

I leaned in really close to one of the pictures, and you could even see the thick layers of make up. Nothing else. 

And the thing is, we all know they're photoshopped. And yet, so many girls still worship such pictures, of flawless skin, perfect make up, white teeth, shiny long hair. 

But we know it's fake. We know it's edited. So.. why do we still look at them? Why do we still try to be like them, when we know it's impossible? 

I'm 18. I've got acne. I can pluck my eyebrows for days and I still won't get that one fucking eyebrow hair that's under  the skin, but still shows. I've got black heads. I even have laugh lines around my mouth.
Not big ones, though. I like my laugh lines. It shows I have emotions, unlike those flawless women plastered everywhere I go. The bags under my eyes show I've had a long night, that I actually do shit to get those, not sit and worry about nothing, except being flawless like those girls.

It's just... it's retarded. Sell me something that makes me look real! Not like a doll.


  1. You are so right about that! sometimes its hard to tell if someones actually pretty or if they drown themselved in makeup, and it's sad that lots of people strive to look like the pictures in the ads not knowing they arent real,

  2. It is, and it's sad. The girls I see who are actually pretty barely have make up on. Maybe eyeliner and lipgloss but that's it. Simple is so much prettier than being so glamed up!


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