Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"Skinny girls are for wimps!"

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of stuff like that quote up there. That guys love curvy girls. That skinny isn't attractive. The bigger girls have a "full figure."

Fat is the new Skinny.
Or more so, Fat is the new Curvy.

I'm really getting sick of this. First, the "fat" girls are mad at skinny girls because they're skinny. As the stereotype goes, the skinny girl gets all of the guys. The "fat" girls complain about how they're made fun of because they're big, and how it's mean, unfair, "we're all beautiful in our own ways."

Right? Right?

Wrong. That was just an excuse for (most of) the bigger girls to feel better about themselves. And you know what? The skinny girls agreed. We are all "beautiful in our own way." But now, skinny girls are made fun of for being skinny. They have no "meat", "no boobs", "seeing their ribs are gross", "they're like dolls/they're fake".

This is starting to piss me off. What the fuck is wrong with being thin? I'm thin. I like being thin. Personally, I'd rather be my 115lbs, five foot five stature than being "curvy." Not that I don't like big girls, it's just my preference. Thin makes me like me, and feel good about myself. I'm not anorexic, mind you. Just of average weigh and height.

A friend of mine, who's a bit large, added a Bumper Sticker on Facebook, it says "Skinny girls are for wimps!" And honestly, I actually found this kind of insulting. The way I read it, was that big girls are physically better and will get the better guys. That only a real guy can handle a big girl, while any guy can handle a skinny bitch.

I get it, big girls are starting to gain self confidence, and I know it's been shot down a lot for most big girls. But really? Are you trying to prove a point when you say these things? What, exactly, are you trying to prove or say? That curvy girls are real women, and skinny girls are fake? Gross? What? You're just restarting the cycle.

Don't use the excuse of, "well now you know how we felt!" No, you're just starting it over, belittling the skinny girls, instead of keeping that "we're all beautiful" theory.

I'm not talking to all of the "big" girls, some don't care either which way. But to the ones who make comments like the above, fuck you, I like my skinny ass. There's nothing wrong with it.

An overdue update here: As this was written as a rant, my point is that some, not all, bigger girls are being hypocritical. Like I said, they're just repeating the cycle. You can't say that we're all equal and then shoot down someone who's different, you see? If it was you or not, then you're just lowering yourself to their ignorance.


  1. I've been a fat as far as I can remember.. and it really sucks my esteem so much.. how I always wish I can be skinny.. but I never thought of being curvy.. i never like having too much on my boobs or too much on my butt.. i felt it will be heavier to run.. or do something.. haha

    but i still hope i can be skinny.. but that's too far for me to dream.. it's like never never land for me..

  2. I'm super skinny. And everyone tells me "You have no boobs" "you have no butt" etc. It really pisses me off. Well, you know what big-boobie-girls? When you get older, they're going to droop and hang, so I wouldn't talk. :/

  3. HAH exactly! I mean, a little bigger would be nice but I can lay on my stomach, and they won't get droopy when I'm old :)

  4. HAHA Jodie, I know the feeling
    I'm unlucky enough to be right in the middle of that; I'm skinny as hell and flat-chested with the hips and butt of a curvy person to throw all that off balance
    Its like no-man's land here, but one day i'm going to muster up the courage to push out my flat chest and be proud of it, and wiggle my oddly huge hips, because that's what makes me, me right?
    And no droopy for me too!:D

    Loove your post Angela!

  5. LOVE this post. I actually googled for an image, and found this one (beautiful) so I read the post - that's why I'm here so "late".

    I had a hissy fit the other day when a friend of mine posted a picture of Marilyn Monroe side by side witth some-very-slim-model and the idea was that Mos Monroe is so much prettier. Now, since it's Marilyn I DID agree, but what I did NOT agree to was the degrading comments people felt they could post about the other girl.
    What gives them the right?

    To me, the prettiest person is a person who looks the way they were supposed to look. Someone who's comfortable the way they're built - be it skinny, naturally muscled, curvy or plain chubby.

    Thus: adore your post.
    Sorry for the essay! ;)

  6. I don't mind the "essay" at all Zarah :D I love long comments, shows some thought.

    Comparing beauty is unfair, since everyone is different. If we were all one type of beauty, no one would be special or unique.

    You should read "Uglies", I think you'd like that book :)

  7. i think skinny girls are just jealous because curvy girls have bigger boobs, i would love to be curvy and i think skinny is unnatractive.

  8. Anon - If you even bothered to read the comments, you'd know that I don't want big boobs. I love my small A sized boobs. Any bigger and they'd just be in the way, and they'd get droopy when I'm older. Ew.

    So no, you're quite wrong in your comment.

  9. I'm technically a curvy girl: Big butt, big boobs with a fairly small waist and for a long time I wanted to be super skinny and actually was for a while, although it was unhealthy. It has taken me a long time to start liking my body and I have now realized that it doesn't really matter whether you're big or small its whether or not you happy with it. I admire skinny girls because they look delicate and petite but I also admire curvy or chunky girls who like there bodies and embrace their curves.

    Everybody is beautiful in their own way, and confidence is also beautiful as well as smiling.

    (Sorry this is so late I only just discovered it.)

    peace xx

  10. And I've made multiple posts on that. However, like I said up there, being a skinny girl who gets shit for being skinny, and having people say that curvy/thick girls are the only "real woman" image, it pisses me off. I know it started with being skinny is the real-woman image, and then it bounced back, but the back and forth shit is annoying and I don't know why it has to be one or the other. If you're curvy, you're curvy. If you're thin, you're thin. Both are woman and I like being thin.


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