Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beach Again! (PIX)

"We're just dirty headed kids from the city of the sun." - Dirty Heads Shine

Went to the beach again, but this time it was very cloudy. When we got to Pacific Coast Highway, the fog just ate the ocean. You couldn't see anything! Pretty awesome though.The pictures aren't much different than the last batch, but they've got clouds.. so.. BLEAH. JUST ENJOY. :)

PS - I barely edited these, I swear. Mostly made them either brighter or a tad darker. I did not change the colors! My camera is kind of weird, so if you change the lighting settings (snow, beach, fluorescent, etc) it changes the color of the picture, since there was so much sun.

That fog cloud at the bottom was just one LONG cloud! Stretched a couple miles, I'm sure. 

OK, this one I tinted the color a tad, but that's it I swear, the original was too foggy :P

I didn't even change the setting to sepia. Kept it on normal!


  1. Thanks Leg!
    And I do too Gelly, it seems really warming :)

  2. American beaches. Pfft.

    I kid. Some pretty awesome photos. Isn't it coming winter time though? What are we doing at the beach?

  3. Lovely! I particularly like the first and last ones.

    Making me miss the west coast something fierce.

  4. Oh, wow those are so gorgeous. :)

  5. Loads - Well it was pretty warm for most of the day so we decided to go xD It got really cold later on though.

    Everyone else - Thanks again :D


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