Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Little Of Everything.

"You arrive in the rising sun, the hidden passenger that I've been taking. Close your eyes, lets forget again. As you drag me down, I will take you in." - Pendulum The Island Part 1

I've been gone for a while, so I haven't blogged in a while, and I kind of feel bad about it. Bad, Angela!
Those lyrics are from PendulumThe Island Part 1 (and 2) which you can listen to in that link over there. (Brief warning, the first note is startling and loud so turn your volume down for the first like, 2 seconds. Lol)

This will be a sort of catch - up post.
I see I now have 107 followers :) And I love each and every one of you. Because you give a shit for what I've got to say. Or you're just bored. I like to think the first one.

Note : This won't make sense right now, but it will help later in the post. There are three Jack's in my family. Grandpa Jack, Uncle Jack, and my cousin Jack (I call him Jackie).

I've also got no cool pictures to post up, so here are some random LolCats off Google Images. :D

My laptop died, again. Some random new virus that fucked me over, again. My uncle (Jack) came down last Saturday (Jeezus, has it really been almost a week I've had no Internet?!) to try and fix it. I was asleep, of course, but I heard him arrive, and dozed off again.

A few hours later, I woke up to a lot of commotion, mostly a lot of really loud sirens outside of my house, and then a bunch of people walking around my living room, and what sounded like walkie-talkies. I looked outside my window, and sure enough, there were two fire trucks, an ambulance and a police car, that I could see, my view is blocked off by a few bushes.

At this point in time, I'm half awake, dazed, confused, and wondering if I should put on some pants. But I thought it best to not get up and add to the commotion. Then some guy started yelling my grandpa's name a lot, Jack? Jack! Jack?? Can you hear me?

He obviously wasn't family, or he'd know my grandpa can't talk.
So anyway, I hear my grandma on the phone, and the paramedics moving my grandpa around (I still haven't located pants at this point) and then they wheeled him out of the house, and drove off.

My grandma said, He's dead! They didn't turn the sirens on, that means he's dead!

The sirens were on, don't worry. She likes to cause more drama than what's needed.
A week later, I finally was told what happened (since my family likes to fill me in on everything so much).
Or well, it's what my mom knows what happened, and she's not exactly in the family circle really, she said that his oxygen levels were down really low. I heard grandma say he was on life support.

I'm probably going to sound terrible right now, but come on. Life support? My grandpa can't do anything for himself. He's tube fed, on a liquid diet, he can't speak, can't move, can't stand, has a broken everything, alzhimers, you name it, he has it. Except cancer, surprisingly. He's 81 and in bad shape. And they put him on life support?? For what?! Not that I want him dead or anything, but I promise all of you, his life is not the life to keep living at eighty-one years old!! Especially when he's abused and neglected by the caretakers.

My grandma and I had an argument about this the same day my computer broke, she says she pays $10,000 a month for these fucking care takers. TEN THOUSAND! On these guys?? They SUCK. They are the worlds worst care takers, I'm not exaggerating and some of you (those from the Coffee Shop here on Blogger) would know. And she has four of them. Four shitty ones! OK one and a half aren't that bad, but they could be better... a lot better. But at least they're nice and do as they're told.

Anyway, my other two uncles (Dean and Greg, along with Jack) came down, along with my cousin Jackie.
Dean and Jackie never come down unless something happened to grandpa, which is a bummer because they're both hilarious, and they could do this house hold some good >.> They left today, though, way early morning so I couldn't say bye :(

Greg... he's very religious. So he probably just came down to read from the Bible.
My grandfather isn't very religious.. Greg gets it from grandma.

Why am I telling you unnecessary information?

Grandma said that grandpa is doing good, which I highly doubt. Dean said he looks good, too. Which again, I highly doubt. You can't look good at 81 years old, covered in bruises, and on life support. You just can't.

Anyway, Jack came down again, visited, and then came and fixed my laptop, more or less.
I lost all my information, pictures, videos,  music. Most of the pictures are on Facebook, but I can't get my videos back off Facebook :( Oh well.

So, on to some happier stuff, I guess haha. This is a really long post, eh? Thanks for keeping up :D
I HAVE WORKING LAPTOP. Though I'm afraid to turn it off in case it doesn't start up again.. Hope it turns on for me!

My FASFA (Financial Aid) money finally came in, they gave me an abundant amount :) Well, not huge but more than I've had in a long while. I took out $150 and went to buy a few Christmas gifts for my mom and grandma (because you totally care what I did with it, right?)

And last but not least, my boyfriend is hilarious (I know you're reading this, Mikey)
Doofus got me Christmas presents, even though I SAID NO. But that's just because he's awesome.
Referring to Shel Silversteins The Missing Piece (that we read while at Borders, because we're G)
Remember that book where that Pac-Man thing was looking for his piece? You're my perfect fit piece thingy.

Ain't he just fuckin' adorable? The hamster, not my boyfriend. (Luuuuuuuuul JK Mike :) )


  1. "You're mt perfect fit piece thingy".
    Silly but cute :) Reminds me of my girlfriend lol.

    I kind of agree with you about your Grandpa - not that I want him dead either! If it was me, I'd probably think 'hey I'm 81, as much as I did want to live to 100, I don't think I can take 19 more years of this.'

    It would be such a shame if he did think that though, because he can't tell anyone and then your Grandma would be keeping him alive against his will :(

    Sorry if it looks like I've looked to much into the situation - but sometimes I imagine what I would do if it was me!

    I hope we recovers well from this incident though. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  2. Lool!! Too funny. XD "I has a corn" XD
    I awarded you on my blog! Check it out. :)

  3. LOL Exactly, Tom! I couldn't imagine him living 19 more years like this.
    THanks and Merry Christmas to you guys too :)

  4. I liked that last part, the hamster pic, not the shit about me


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