Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's Happened?

This coming generation, it fails me.. ever so much.

There's a really annoying noise outside, an it's starting to piss me off. It sounds like a UFO or something.

As most of you know, the past oh, 5 days on Facebook has had that "Change your display picture to a cartoon from your childhood in order to fight against child abuse!" shit. 2/3rds of my friends list did it (I only have 70 friends but still). Then they all proceeded to put that as their status, to spread the message along. I however, did not change my picture.

It first started with Pokemon Month or something, and most of my friends started to change their pictures to Pokemon; but eventually it went to different cartoons because hey, who wants to look like a douche and not change their picture for child abuse? *cough cough ME*

So I commented the same thing on 3 different peoples' status, with that message on it. I asked, "How is changing your Facebook picture fighting against child abuse? Is the abuser one day going to sign on to Facebook, see the whole community has changed their picture to a cartoon, and stop to think, you know, I was just going to give Timmy his afternoon beating, but then I saw all your cartoon pictures, and decided against it.

This one chick commented back saying something about how the pictures are a hope, and that all a child abuse victim can hold on to are the good memories. So I'm like, do you really think that a child has a Facebook in the first place..? And do you really think that IF they do, they will sign on, see everyone has changed their picture, and be like, "d'awwww thanks guyz! Your support has given me the strength to last through this for another day!"

Are you fucking kidding me? They're probably going to be like, Hey fuck face, wanna ask about the new bruises on my arm and the black shiner on my right eye yet? Or is that too much of a sensitive and serious subject for you to bring up into normal conversation, because you "don't want to prod?"

Also, it's even more pathetic when someone comments on that kind of status with a totally irrelevant statement or question. Like the one on one of my friends' status, "ay ay, you goin' to the winter Hitalia meet?" (Hitalia is an anime). I mean, really.

Then today, everyone changed their picture back to their face. Oh, did I mention that this "fight" only lasts until Tuesday? So I posted my own status, I just love how everyone got worked up about the child abuse picture thing, and then changed their picture back to their face today. Help fight against child abuse! ...Until Tuesday.

Thank you, Facebook-ee's, for your commendable courage and significant contribution in the fight of the ongoing war against child abuse!


  1. I felt the same way. It was a good thing to see the majority of my friends with pictures for a good cause, but I can guarantee that not one of them donated or helped with an organization that deals with the subject. I personally have friends and an ex-girlfriend who were abused as a child, and they weren't in the least bit moved by the profile picture change. But hey, it was for a good cause (and conformity with the 'cool' kids who were doing it), and that's all that matters.

  2. I did that too! It made me so angry.

  3. It's really dumb. I didn't bother with it and didn't change my dp to a cartoon character. Most of my friends did. Lol. Mine's my own face.

  4. Exactly my point.
    They did it to seem like they care, but it's not doing anything. ANYTHING. They got their good person points for the day and that's all they care about.

  5. i agree completely. i didn't understand how changing a picture helped an abused child. Anyway, good thoughts, you seem to be real, i like that.


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