Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yaay! Christmas! OMIGAWD CHRISTMAS! It's finally here! WOOO!!

I fucking hate Christmas. Yeah, title fooled you, eh? One point for me!

Whatever happened to the holidays? Or is it just my family that's making Christmas suck ass?
I've never been a fan of the Hallmark Christmas. But still, it would've been better than this one.

Christmas when I was little : Decked out house, huge tree covered in lights and shitty ornaments, all of my immediate family would come down and visit, cousins/uncles/aunts/related by marriage, etc. FOOD. SO MUCH FOOD! And presents that were thought out. I rarely got any money. It was mostly toys and clothes.

Christmas now : Grandpa's in the hospital and I slept until 7:30pm. I stayed up until 4am wrapping my families presents, very nicely with care and love. My grandma and aunt Wendy were supposed to come home around 2-3 so I can give them their presents. No one showed up. I got up, house was dark and Jeopardy was on. No one came home. Just lovely! The only food there is is a ham my uncle brought over, 3 days ago. It's not even good ham. I'm sure it was when it was first out of the oven, though.

Last night, I went to open some of my presents (I hate doing it in front of family. I hate faking reactions.) There was a card with my name on it, and the card was on top of 3 presents, which I assumed were mine. However, I wasn't sure, so I carefully unwrapped them, leaving everything in tact, and peeked at what was inside.

Lavender fuzzy pajama pants. A big clunky bracelet, and a bunch of bangles.
I don't wear bracelets. Ever. I actually hate wearing bracelets. Especially big clunky ones. *sigh*
I have about a hundred necklaces, and no bracelets. Where'd she get the idea I like bracelets?

In total, I got $350 for Christmas. Now, I'm not complaining, I can use that money for books and buying Microsoft Word (I'll get to this story, later). But still, no one thought out an actual gift except my friend Halle (who got me exactly what I mentioned I wish I could have about a month ago), my wonderful Boyfriend, and my mom.

I told grandma how I would use the money to buy books, since I've read all of them already. She said the $300 "is for gas for your car!"
I don't have a car. "You will! Jacks still looking for one."
Um, no, he is not. He's making me look for some, and every fucking time I send him links to cars (off fucking CRAIGSLIST) he says they're not good enough (nofuckingshit, they're all from CRAIGSLIST). So I've given up. I can do without a car, it's not like I'll have my license anytime soon, anyway.

Onto the Microsoft Word issue of earlier today. Mom came over to open her gifts (when I asked her to, actually. She never comes over unless I'm the only one here.) When I told her I have money to go buy the program (since my uncle wiped my computer clean, it's not on here anymore. I need it for school which starts in about 5-6 weeks) she made a big fuss over it.

Why do you need it? For school to type shit up.
You can use the one on our computer. No, I can't, the computer is too slow and shuts down randomly. Plus, I don't want to have to go all the way the fuck over to the apartment at a certain time to type shit up. I like having the option to type whenever I please.
Do you know how much it costs? Yes. I looked it up, I'm not stupid.
Why do you need it? ...I just told you.
School hasn't started yet. I'd like to have it installed before class does start, in case something happens and I have to exchange it or something.
Do you know how much it costs? Have you been listening to anything I've been saying?
Absolutely not. Then I'm done talking.

She then got mad at me and kept trying to get me to talk, and I told her I'm not going to waste my time if she's not going to listen to a damn thing I say. Then she left. This is what I get for being a responsible adult and buying shit I actually need.

So I sat and watched TV, a show I actually liked. Grandma came home, took the remote, and changed the channel, didn't even ask if it was OK or anything.
I later heard her talking to someone on the phone, about how my aunt Wendy got the nurses at the hospital three pounds of Sees Candy. She didn't get me anything. If she did, it's going to be $50. I bet you.

Now I've got nothing to do, no one's online, and the boyfriend is off skiing or whatever. So I'm at lack of entertainment. I got to a point where I actually watched my screen saver move around the screen.

I hate Christmas.

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