Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hospital Bed.

Sometimes yelling is the best medicine.

My grandpa is coming home on Sunday.
He somehow contracted ecoli. He doesn't leave the house, so I don't know how the fuck he got that.
Anyway, there is now a seven foot long hospital bed in our TV room. I'm assuming, and praying to fuck that I'm wrong, that he'll be out here all the time now; not moved from the TV room to his bed room like usual, for naps and shit.

If this is what's going to happen, I'm going to be pretty damn pissed. There is nothing to do in the fucking house, all I have is my laptop, and since my Uncle decided he's a genius and is keeping the ethernet cable attached to the fucking router, I can't move my laptop to another room, not that I know of, anyway. I may have to ask him.
HOWEVER, that will mean, joyful! MORE VIRUS'S. And I can't get any more (because I totally contracted them on purpose, sweet Uncle) for the next twenty three days, so I can get an actual fucking anti-virus, instead of the trial shit I have now.

I've been doing the dishes, since no one's ever home to do them. I use the dishwasher, like a smart person. I look into the sink when I get home, and my grandmother decided that keeping all of the food she didn't eat on the plate and then throw it into the sink would be a great idea. How fucking hard is it to toss out the fat bits of the ham off your fucking plate?! THAT'S RIGHT. IT'S NOT. I've been trying so damn hard to keep this place clean (how it gets dirty in the first place, I've no idea). It's not easy to keep shit clean when people decide to leave their trash everywhere.

They moved the good chair into the room no one's allowed to sit in. So there's nowhere for anyone to sit except grandma.

There's also still no fucking food to eat. Well, there is, but it's shit that's been in there for decades, or side dishes. My mother has been coming over more often, and I am displeased with this. Plus, she won't stop walking all over the carpet in her dirty rain boots, and guess who get's yelled at for the marks? Oh, no, not the person who actually made them. That'd be logical!

I am going to be so fucking bored.


  1. "Sometimes yelling is the best medicine."

    AGREED :)

  2. OMG totally agreed, you really do feel a sense of relief after a good amount of yelling! :)

  3. Hey, Amp. and I don't really care who sees my email. It gets a shit load of spam anyways. I like your blog, btw.

  4. Oh dear. I hope things get better for you...but nothing like a bit of writing to vent!!!
    Keep up the great work, your blog is personal and honest, which I love :)


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