Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Penny For My Thoughts.

"A penny for my thoughts, oh no, I'll sell 'em for a dollar. They're worth so much more after I'm a goner. And maybe then you'll hear the words I've been singin'. Funny, when you're dead, how people start listenin'." - The Band Perry/Sam Tsui (Cover) If I Die Young

Grandpa's been home a couple days. They're keeping him in the TV room, since he's bed ridden. So we only keep one or two lamps on at all times, since one eye is permanently dilated (after one of the caretakers dropped him and he hit a door) and light gives him headaches.

I don't know why my uncles said he looked better, if anything, he looks older, sadder, thinner, and just worn out.
His face is so tiny now.

At least he's breathing better. Seems calmer.

They made a mini hospital out of the two rooms, really. The dining room and TV room are connected, and grandpa's oxygen tank is hosed through the little ledge/window behind him, where Jack is.

Jack has been here the past few days. Sleeping in grandpa's old room (yay for spare beds). He set up his work space on the dining room table, computer, laptop and all. I guess that means he's going to be here for a while, which can only mean one thing...

I don't like asking what's going on. I don't want to ask Jack why he's stayed here for the past week and brought his work with him. Why else would he bring and set up a computer and laptop and all his architect stuff? I doubt he's moving back in.

Anyway. That's all. (Watch the vid!)


  1. Well whatever that you think is happening, just know that with everyone coming into the house - there's nothing but love spreading around. Even though the song is sad, it implies that the person singing lived a long and happy life. He/she has seen the experiences of a lifetime and that nothing has been for granted. Though your grandpa is obviously getting older, your uncle sees peace and harmony in your G's mind. Probably in your uncle's head, he knows that G is happy. If you don't already, always go into G's room and have a small chit chat even if you're the only one talking - how your day went, school. My dad is 70 and my mom is behind him 9 years. Ever since he reached 60, I've been cautious of his health. I would always get annoyed of the little things he does because he's old. But I try. I try really hard. I know that my parents are supposed to go before I do, but if it's while I'm still in college I would be devastated. I try to LIVE with my dad every single moment I possibly can to let him know that I would never forget about him. xD

  2. Hope the gramps feels better.

  3. I hope your grandfather gets well soon :)

  4. Mr Lamebutt - There isn't much love spreading around. Trust me >.>

    N thanks guys :)


    I think I was reading Twilight fanfiction or something and the author wrote that this would be a great song for Bella or something like that so I searched it up on Youtube.

    Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either. :/

    1) I hate Twilight
    2) I hate fanfiction
    3) I hate country music

    but I love this song ;D

    Okay now I will go read your post.

    Oh my goodness... That is sad... I hope all goes well. And that your grandfather feels better. I know it's tough when a family member is ill... esp if it's a parent or grandparent... it makes you feel so helpless... I don't know the health of your grandfather, but it seems your family is giving him plenty of love and care and that is what's important, and hopefully he'll regain his health because of everything good you guys have done for him...

    And.. a caretaker DROPPED him?!! wtf... that is a terrible caretaker...

    I hope your grandfather gets well!

    Love, mimi


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