Friday, January 14, 2011


"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo

Currently, I am on one of my many music rampages, where I dig into the depths of YouTube and Pandora and radio station website playlists for new music. You can find some pretty amazing shit when you know what to search for and click the right links.

Anyway. I came upon Ingrid Michaelson's "Maybe" (which I've actually been looking for for a long time, just never knew the lyrics or name), and while it's playing, I decided to torture myself and read the comments left by other listeners and fans.

Want to know what I hate? Of course you do, that's why you're reading this. What I hate is when I see comments left by tweens saying things like "I'm twelve and I love this band. I love AC/DC and Led Zeppelin! Their music is real and expresses so much. I hate bands and singers that only talk about sex and women, with no meaning. I hate this band and this one, why can't all music be like this over-glorified band?"

OK, you caught me, they don't exactly say that, I'm being sarcastic. But seriously, I hate when I see tweens commenting saying how music needs to be more about meaning, life, and love and less about this and that.

Who cares if one of the media's top songs that everyone loves is about sex? Or is fast paced with no lyrics? And what's wrong with rap songs? Just because their grammar is horrible, doesn't mean the song totally sucks and shouldn't have been invented and that the rest of the world should conform to your standards of music.

Honestly, I'm starting to get tired of songs that hold some deep meaning, about loving someone, losing someone, trying to find someone. Like, come on already. It's getting boring! Yes, we all go through that shit. Yes, we can all relate to their song. And with saying that, why does it make it so special? Only because we can all relate to it? Sometimes, I just want to DANCE and feel the music and be retarded.

I like all types of music. I may not like all of the songs of a certain artist, or genre of music, but there's always at least one I like. I love me some trance and house music. Everyone says that music expresses feelings you can't put into words, and who said that music has to have words? You can feel a rythem. Music, in my opinion, expresses and shows so much more when it's a bunch of beats put together.

When you add words (not that I don't like lyrics, I love singing along and finding a song that talks about something totally relateable to me) then that song is now only about what those lyrics say and what you can interpret from it. Without words, you are free to think it's expressing whatever you want.

*Sigh.* Anyway, it's getting tiring. I love me some GaGa, I love me some Deadmau5, I love me some Ke$ha and Reefer Decree and Pendulum. I love me some Dirty Heads and Eddie Vedder. I  love me some Blue Oyster Cult and Foreigner and Styx.



  1. Personally one of my favorite things is weird nonsense lyrics. It makes you come up with the meaning. Makes you feel and think about the song. And yes, I hate that music ends up being so damned repetitive. The same kind of lyrics and music end up in the popular section all the time. People should branch out more. I spend my music time on my own music I write so I am very guilty of not finding enough new music. Thanks for some suggestions of what to look for :)

  2. You know, IMPACT, I was going to make a music page, but I didn't know if it'd work out.

  3. What are you yelling my tag for? that kinda weirded me out, lol. Who knows til you try :) Could flop, could be popular but it doesn't matter as long as you get something out of the experience.

  4. Just so you'd see it :P
    It'd just be a list of bands and some songs. I'll see about it later.


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