Saturday, January 8, 2011


"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months." - Oscar Wilde

I'm on Blogger everyday, in the Coffee Shop. There, you can share your blogs and talk with the recently admitted mental patients. (I kid, I kid.)

All I've been seeing lately is, "Just made a fashion blog, come check it out!" over, and over, and over, and over...
It's getting played out, really. And kind of annoying. A few of them I do check out, however. And I'll admit I'm following a fashion/beauty blog myself (See here SoyConfessions).

However, the majority of the fashion blogs I see these kids post are about top fashion, the kind you only see on runways and huge fancy fashion shows, and yet never see people wear on the streets.

This has me thinking... (derp that's why I'm writing this) which fashion designers are truly the most successful with their lines of clothing? The department store (JCPennys, Macys, Mervyns [RIP], Kohls, etc) fashion, or the run way fashion designers? (Don't know any top designers, soryy).

Department Store fashion : These are sold in stores world wide (mostly), everyone gets their clothes here (mostly), it's easily accessible, it's trendy, and it's always up to date with the seasons new line. (Not that I follow that, or anything.)

Millions, billions, of people buy this shit. So, the designers who are sold there should be pretty well off.

Runway Fashion : These are the cloths you only see on runways. You know, those weird concoctions of oddly shaped clothing that no one would ever wear in public, but ooze over on the sidelines? I'll show you a few samples. (I just typed in "runway fashion" into Google Images and this is what I found. Don't sue me.)

Honestly, would any of you actually wear this stuff in public? No? Thought so.
Now I'm not harpin' on anyones clothing designs, don't mistake me. I'm just wondering how the hell these designers make any money off of these designs. First off, usually they're ridiculously priced. Ridiculous prices to look ridiculous!

Sorry I just like that word.

Anyway, these clothes cost more than your car payment, and so does putting together the fashion show in general. Do enough people actually buy from these guys to make enough to keep going...?

I just don't get it.

Anyway, I guess fashion blogs are alright. Though the ones where it's stuff you'd wear on a daily basis are probably going to be more popular than the ones that just talk about this kind of fashion.



  1. I think most of these designers just do these ridiculous runway shows to make a name for themselves, and THEN they get hired by celebrities and such. Maybe. I don't know shit about fashion.

  2. Every time I see ANY thread post with "check out my new blog" in the title, I immediately think "NOOB!" I don't know why. But I figure they are going about advertising their blog the wrong way. When I started in the Shop, I never posted anything like that. But I made some friends (would you consider someone you met online a friend? I'm not sure.) and in the first week, I got 3 new followers. Bringing me to a total of 5. Now I have 19 followers. Although I do check out the teen blogs one, because I'm trying to find more of those, because I can relate to those.

  3. Yeah... I really don't get fashion shows. they're so pointless to me. No one would ever wear those things. Like the... thing on the far left is the weirdest outfit I have ever seen. I wouldn't even wear that for Halloween. And yeah, i see SO MANY fashion blogs being created. To be honest, I don't like fashion blogs. But, SoyConfessions is pretty awesome, so that's an exception. :]

  4. I am not a "fashion" person (at ALL, lol), but my mom has dipped her toes in the business. You are really comparing 2 completely different things here... daily fashion, that is, what people would really wear, and high fashion, or fashion as art. Its kind of like the poster you would buy to put in your apartment, vs the Van Gogh painting. The Van Gogh will be much more expensive, and much less practical. But, it is not MEANT for a mass audience. It is meant as a unique piece of art. You really have to view high fashion as a wearable art piece. Of course, that doesn't mean you will like it, or think it looks anything but ridiculous... but that is its "purpose". :)
    That being said, I am not a fan of fashion. I would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt, and be comfortable.

  5. I agree with you completely. I rather see what everyday people are wearing and not just the people who can afford thousand dollar outfits.

    And maybe the runway fashion gets their money because people pay big bucks to see them. I'd love to see someone look that rediculous close up!

  6. I definitley agree those designs look ridiculous. But although I have no certainty on this they are usually exagerrations of the 'regular' clothing lines emphasis. I don't believe the runway clothes get sold, they are like a statue to show the intent of a gallery of paintings. I don't follow fashion AT ALL so someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  7. Biohazard - I really like your comparison to the poster and the painting. And I think it'd fit more if it wasn't talking about fashion, since fashion is what we wear, and people are showing it off and creating whole lines of clothing.

    Plus you can usually find copies of the paintings to have ;P

    Gargus - I tend to look over most of them too, but I still check some out. I just hate when someone has one blog post, go brag about it, and hope to have a thousand followers by the end of the night. Wtf??

    Impact - True, I'm just wondering why they'd make a whole line of clothing if it never gets sold or worn? How do they get popular if no one buys their things?

  8. Mmm, runway fashion isn't about clothing - it's art that, instead of using paint or clay or a camera, uses fabric and the frame of a human body. Many runway pieces do actually get bought, though - for red carpet events, for example.

    Their main function is as art. Their secondary function is to inspire the masses. It is runway fashion trickling down that leads to many fads or trends - to name a few, the recent military jacket trend, the popularization of the colour camel/caramel this past fall, high or natural-waisted skirts... these are all trends available to a normal person that were made popular by runway fashion several months before.


  9. I am so glad you posted this! And that I discovered it tonight because I completely agree with what you have said. I often debate this issue with myself and have come to the conclusion that we need the runway fashions as a society in order to have something to aspire to, even if we don't necessarily like it. If there is always something better and ridiculously expensive we can rest assured that we and the rest of the world are getting a bargin on our still overpriced 'branded' clothing. That's my two cents at least.

    Love the blog btw.

  10. Haha I guess so. Never thought of it like that. :)

  11. Nice quote! I agree with you, some of those things designers think look fashionable just look weird to me. Methinks they're trying too hard these days...

  12. I completely agree with this blog. Fashion blogs tend to be overrated. Girls (like me) are automatically attracted to the flashy outfits and strange proportions and when we (i.e. I) try to wear the same outfit (with similar but cheaper alternatives) I end up looking like Donald Duck. Missing my pants. Cuz the new trend is to not wear pants, nowadays. See: Lady Gaga, Taylor Momsen, Ke$ha (tho she probably lost hers during that hxc party last night along with half of her makeup)...

    Even bloggers like Sea of Shoes (bless her soul, she has the most amazing clothing and shoes), I find it hard to relate to, even though I admire her completely. Oh wait, her closet is filled with designer clothing, high end pricey shoes (which she always seem to find on sale for $50000 <- exaggeration, sorry, I meant $500.00) and then /vintage/ designer clothing which seems to me, even more unattainable... She's an amazing blogger, and I love reading her posts, but I always feel a little down bc.. where am I going to round up $500.00 to buy nice shoes like that.. on sale even? Multiply that amount of money by a million, and you have the closet of Jane from Sea of Shoes ^^ Haha.

    One thing, I'd like to correct is that designers usually showcase their more creative side on the runways. They also make milder versions of their debut clothing for the retail/department/boutiques/whatever that people actually can buy and wear without being laughed at or mistaken for a homeless person (or Ke$ha).

    love, mimi

    ps. I really appreciate the shout out (; I love your blog too. Sorry for being... absent... I meant to comment I did! I'm just a lazyass at heart. I love you, Angela! Keep blogging. You're more real and powerful to me than Ke$ha anyday!

    pps. Why do I keep bringing Ke$ha up in my convos... = =

  13. Also, thanks for the info on Rising International! I bet my dad didn't even know where he bought the bag and sweater from. I can't believe they're from Nepal! That actually makes the stuff cooler haha.

    love! again!


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