Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Say what you mean and mean what you say.

First, I am hounded for a year about getting my license.
I patiently go through 8 months of driving practice and driving school and courses and behind the wheel practice.

I get my license.

Grandmother says I can get any car for under $5k. Reasonable. Not complaining; a car is a car.
I find one for $4k. A cute little black 1998 Volkswagen Jetta, Wolfsburg Edition. 

She says no. I cannot have that car because it's "blue book" cost is only $3k and the dealer won't come down.

Want to know what I hate? When people change up what they say last fucking minute. Any car under $5k means, last time I checked, any car under $5k

We can afford it. It may or may not be a tad over priced. 

Actually, I just looked online at three other sites, and they all say relatively the same price: $3,300 - $4,700
And they all say exactly that. So if anything, it's a reasonable price. 

So...what is the big deal?

Not to mention that my wonderfully logical mother wants me to wait until I'm fucking 20 years old to get a car. In her eyes, her, my uncle (the one that hates me, Jack) and my grandma were all going to "pay for it together" and that it will take a few months to "get the money saved". 

Knowing her with money, this won't happen. I even highly doubt her "I'm 99% sure you'll get a car at 20" statement. Oh, how I doubt it. She still owes me $80 total that she's "borrowed" from me. 

Now, it's not like I'm being a greedy teenager who wants a car. I'm not asking for the newest, fastest, sexiest car. It's a '98 Jetta! USED! With 80k miles on it already! I need a car to drive myself to and from school; I can't just always wait on my mother to drive over to where I am to take me to school. I can't use the truck to drive wherever I need to go; she never has gas! And she has her own plans. I also need one so I can go to the store when I need to, instead of asking her or grandma and having them complain that it's "too late" to go anywhere. "Too late" meaning anything past 4pm. 

I just don't get it. Why make me get my license when I won't get a car for many, many, MANY months, probably years if I know my mother at all, and why tell me that you'll get me anything under $5k (straight up, nothing else was added to what she said, no exceptions at all) and then say no when I find the perfect fucking car for myself that has been rated as a great and reliable car to get me from point A to point B?


It's fucking useless effort! Trying for no reason! Planning for nothing! 

Maybe if they weren't on my ass every week for a year to get my license, I wouldn't be so cranky and pissed off, but alas, they did ride my ass every week, asking all the time "when are you getting your license? You need to get your license!" And then I do, and then I can't use it.



  1. LOL!!! some adults are very annoying. I hope u will not grow up to be like that ;) And I hope I am not like them too. hahaha! anyway, gd luck wit ur car n I hope u get it SOON :)

  2. aw man that's got to suck, i can imagine exactly how you feel. :(

  3. awwe... that actually sounds pretty reasonable for a car! only 4k!

    well.. what can you do, eh? do you have any money saved up? maybe you can offer to pay for a bit of it to change their minds?

    good luck!


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