Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have You Ever Thought...?

I'm sorry I'm posting so much today, but...

I keep seeing these comments and sites where guys are complaining about the women they get involved with.
They say things like, even if a guy here is in a "loving" relationship, the girlfriend will talk badly about the guy behind his back.

Maybe you're just a dick boyfriend...? Ever thought of that? Seriously, with these comments listed in here, I'm pretty sure you're the problem, bro. There's no reason to be nice to you if you're going to treat us like so.

The funny thing about AW (yeah, they went far enough as to ABBREVIATE "american women") that even though they are such horrible mates, they NEED MEN whether they'll admit it or not.

Yeah? What about gay guys? And as terrible as us women are, you still come after us with your tongues hanging out and your dick poking through your pants at the sight of a side-boob.

12% of men in the US will only marry a foreign woman (not american). That leaves only 60% of  men in the US who want to marry an American woman.

Yeah, only more than half of the nation.

Damn straight women in America are getting scared shitless about not being able to find a husband!

Didn't you just say we "NEED MEN whether they'll admit it or not"? Meaning we all act as if we don't need a man in our life? Nice way to contradict yourself there buddy.

They've yet to even cite any of their sources for these "percentages". Don't you love when that happens? Totally legit.

Anyone can make up a percentage.

Also, anyone who defends an American woman is a feminist. But if they defend a different race of woman, no, they're just giving out compliments.

I don't think they've taken into consideration women who move from a different country to America, becoming an American citizen. Where's your precious foreign pussy now, guys?

As the saying goes, "you keep saying that word; I don't think it  means what you think it means".

What these guys are saying is they're loving, loyal gentlemen who give everything for their woman and she just tosses him aside without a thought.

What they're showing is that they're just jerks who think their shit doesn't stink and obviously can't get laid for the life of them. Probably because they're middle aged men experiencing their mid life crisis, working a minimum wage job? Yeah, that sounds about right.

What they want is for America to rewind to the 18th century where women are only for giving birth and raising children, while they're the bread winners.

We'll only toss you aside if you don't try to better YOURself, too. It takes two to tango, bro. But I'm pretty sure the only place you ever Tango is in Sims 3.


  1. Maybe if I came over to America my life would be a whole lot easier. Just saying.

  2. Ew. Those guys sound like douchebags.. No thank you.


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