Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't click on their website.

Few days ago I looked at my stat's and saw that a lot of hits were coming from this site, so I clicked on it to check it out. They say they're a mix of Facebook/MySpace/Twitter.

But apparently they're just spammers/hackers. From this article about them, they just hack into your account and fuck with your shit to make it seem like you have views coming from there.

You don't.

I signed up myself just to see if I could find where my blog link would've been located, and I didn't find anything, just like the article said.

You can't blame me though, it's my blog and if some website is promoting it, I want to know where they're promoting it from.

But they're not, so just ignore these guys and put the word out.

Plus, the site is full of weirdo wanna-be's anyway. I've never seen a site with so many old people who dress as scene/emo kids.



  1. Same for me! My stats have been telling me a lot from gothise. I checked it out and came off it. But, I was planning to make an account and check it out, like you did. I was just too lazy. XD
    Now I know not to do that -.-'

  2. Thanks for the warning and for the link about them.

  3. Same thing happened to me. Couldn't figure why I was getting these hits. Thanks for posting about it.

  4. same happened to me! thanks for this reassuring message :)

  5. Thanks for the tip off. Same thing happened to me. My curiosity about Gothise led me here. I recognize some faces here from the coffee shop, where I recently spent some time. Maybe that's the common denominator.

  6. yup, me too. thanks for the warning!

  7. Hi, I was surfing in the attempt to investigate what Gothise is as I blog too and receive hits from them (my blog: I am glad I read various topics and blogs about them. They are spammers not hackers. Their intent is to have you click back to their website which earns them revenue. Read their ranking in terms of traffic and revenue.
    I also read from nitcruzr (a knowledged blogger, knows everything technical etc) that ignore them and don't follow them back.

  8. Same thing happened to me too. For the first time, I got a stat traffic link of gothise and sooo, I was like, hmm..that's weird, & I was wondering who was puttin my blog link on that site, at first I did think it was spam, but, idk, I was curious of that site, soo I clicked on it to check it out. When I was on the site, I didn't click on anything else, just looked at it, and thought, what a weird site. lol. I left the site, and started googling about, and saw you blog post on it. :)

    I'm just wondering, since I did click on the site, I'm I gonna get viruses or spam or anything?

  9. Run With Fashion - Probably not. They're just spammers. Marjaan just posted a comment with more information about it. "They are spammers not hackers. Their intent is to have you click back to their website which earns them revenue."

    Thanks Marjaan :) I didn't look too far into it, just browsed the sites I found about them.

    So I doubt you'll have any virus's from them. I actually signed up (mostly to see if I could find who was putting my link on there like you thought) and it's just a really lame forum for emo's/scene kids/hipsters. Like, the HIGHLY stereotypical ones.

  10. Thanks for the info. I was checking them out, too, because I couldn't figure out where all this hits were coming from.

  11. thank you... same happened to me. and i googled "gothise" to see what the hec they are. found your post. thank you for writing about it.