Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"We all have our time machines. Some bring us back, they're called memories. Some bring us forward, they're called dreams." - Jeremy Irons

Today was another summer's movie night with my friends. We watched various movies/shows, Beetlejuice, Invader Zim, Happy Tree Friends, and my favorite, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The last one is about memory and fate.

Short summary : Clementine erases her memory of Joel, her boyfriend, because of something he did (they weren't getting along for a while and broke up, and she's impulsive so she erased her memory of him). Joel finds out, goes to erase his memory of her, as sort of revenge, and then finds he still loves her and tries to stop the memory-erasing process. After Joel wakes up, he goes about his life as usual, not remembering Clementine, but finds her again on his way to work, and start again (as strangers kind of).

This has me thinking; if the option was available to me, would I erase certain memories of mine? I've been thinking about it for a while, since the first time I saw this movie, and the answer is still yes. I know I could "dramatically alter my future" as so many say, but I don't want to erase all my memories of any certain subject, just a few. The ones I really hate to remember.

I know many of you will say, "but your memories/pain/experiences are what make you stronger for the future, they help you learn." But honestly, I don't see how taking away a few of these memories will change me at all, how they'd make me weaker, anything. I guess I'll never know until I find out, but I can only experience one way of this thing, and that's to remember.

But, as the quote says, "...Some bring us forward, they're called dreams." And I guess my dream is to forget some of those memories. Though its already been a long while, I guess I'll have to wait longer until that dream comes true.

So, if given the option, who would erase a few of their memories? Which of you wouldn't? Why?

P.S - I highly suggest you watch this movie.


  1. I used to always say that I am thankful for all of my mistakes, that I wouldn't forget anything for any reason.

    But I made a mistake this past Thanksgiving-to-New-Year season.... It almost emotionally killed 2 people. I would want to forget that. But I wouldn't want to just have my memory of that event erased... I would want some others...

    But that's not my decision, so it wouldn't do any good....

  2. Oops, amp. I couldn't read it with your new background.

  3. I love this quote. simple, yet the meaning is very intense. I would love to have some of my memories erased, not taken away.. The ones that I really don't want to remember. I guess we just have to dream that one day, that'll happen.. right? :)

    Anyway, I'm new here in Blogger. I'm looking for some people to follow and some followers, of course. I would like you to visit my site and follow me, as well. Thanks a bunch, Angela! :)

  4. Emily : yeah same here : /

    Muller : AWHH the hell?? Why can't you see it? Everyone else said it was much better D:

    Leah : haha, hence the quote ;]

  5. I watched that movie at the beginning of summer. it was on my movie list! i'm glad i did. it's a good movie. extremely thought-provoking with a fair amount of humour.

    i'm one of those ppl who can't decide right away... give me a few years to think about your question hahaha


    but srsly, i can't choose. if i do erase some of my worst memories, will i still be the same ME? will i function the same way, think about ppl the same way, act the same way, perceive things the same way? or will i turn into someone i hate? or maybe i will be one of those innocent sweet girls that everyone loves? one of those carefree nothing-is-ever-wrong-with-me girls who never thinks about death, and lucid dreaming, and religion; and never talk about philosophy? god i hate those girls.


    there are a LOT of memories i'd like to forget. a lot of them... they've changed me, the way i look at ppl, but they are gruesome memories nonetheless.

    i dunno...

  6. I don't want to erase the ones I've already overcome, I'm just sick of being hurt, remembering painful memories, and want them gone. I think I've experienced enough right now to keep me the way I am. I don't want to erase the whole memory, just parts of it, you know? Just kind of force myself to repress them so I don't remember them.

  7. I wish I had not done some of the things I have done, others I am glad for. I wish I didn't have some memories, but others are good. I guess... if it came down to it... I would kinda be scared to change my memories... they are me and have made me, me... I don't know who I would be otherwise... I would love to change some of my actions, but not necessarily my memories. I still want to learn...
    ahaha! Let us build a time machine that we can change what we want, but let us still have knowledge of what was... do you think that would work or is it a paradox?

  8. I think that's more of a paradox oO it confused me xD

    And yeah, I get that, I wouldn't want to change anything that happened, because that's what made me. I just want to forget a couple specific ones so that I can move on easier, and just forgetting those, I don't think it'd change anything at all really, they're that insignificant. lol

  9. in my ideals, a memory is part of you, and youd be erasing yourself, and think about it this way certain memories are not exactly removable in the movie, its supposed to be all memories revolving around a certain thing, or person, so youd have to lose everything that could even bring up a thought about the thing trying to be forgotten, so this makes your decision that much greater, on an all or nothing scale. and i dont think i would want to risk a lot of memories just to erase one, and once you forget something that doesnt mean that other people havent thats why it is more so to forget old relationships and not necessarily past hardships, and i would believe that this doesn't remove thinks from the subconcious, so mental trauma from abuse probably wont be cured. sorry if im being overanalytical of a movie :P

    and angela this is one of my favorite films and actually my favorite jim carrey film, i love the director, and films that are surreal of this nature, another one by the director that is good is the science of sleep... do check it out

  10. Yeah I know in the movie it was ALL of something, but my post is just inspired by the movie. I wouldn't want to erase a whole memory, just parts of one specific one since it's just complicating my life ><
    Sometimes waiting it out just takes too long, ya know?

    and it's my favorite one too :D


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