Sunday, August 1, 2010


"If I don't like myself, why should anybody else?" - Shane Dawson (vid) High School Drama!!!!

I'm a huge Shane Dawson fan. I love his videos not only because they're silly, perverted, and freakin' hilarious, but also because he too is trying to find himself and trying to love who he is. I've watched the majority of his videos, and his vlogs, and I think he's come pretty far in loving who he is, even though he still says he's got low self esteem and confidence.

This post isn't about Shane, though, but about what he said, up there. I was watching his newest video "High School Drama!!!!" (I'd give you the link, but I don't want to be flagged as "spam" so go search it up on YouTube! Search : Shane Dawson High School Drama!!!! ) and with the beginning of the short film thing, I thought it was going to be another perverted clip.

But I was very wrong. It was indeed a bit perverted, and a little nasty, but that's the usual stuff. The video was about eating disorders, or more so about weight and loving yourself. We all have issues with our bodies, some more than others. I know I've got mine. And while I think I can look pretty damn good on some days, it doesn't mean I like my many flaws anymore than the next person likes their own.

I'm a teenage girl living in the year 2010, and the number one thing that's still obsessed over, after YEARS of it, is indeed weight. It's been decades, and the fad for women and girls all over the nation is still to be thin and flawless. But, I will gives a little credit to the media, and more credit to the stronger women around the world, who go, "you know what? I love me."

Personally, I think we spend a little too much time trying to please others, even those who don't need it. I used to hate going swimming because I'm epically white, I have a really small chest so it barely fills up the bathing suit top, I've got some back acne, and I may be skinny, but I don't have a hard, flat stomach and I jiggle everywhere. But for the past year, I've been slowly getting out of that shell, and going swimming with my friends. IN A BIKINI. That was a bold move. At first I was like "shit shit shit shit everyone's gonna look fuck." Now it's like, who cares? We're all having fun. And while they all DID notice the new move, they were encouraging me to be more careless about that. They just wanted me to join in on the fun. And I did.

I'm so greatful I have what some call "real friends". The kind that don't care if you've got a few extra pounds on you, or what you wear, or who you hang out with really, unless they're really big assholes. They care about your personality, and love me for me.

So this all brings me back to the quote, "if I don't like myself, why should anyone else?" And well, why should they? I'm not saying my friends or whoever shouldn't be supportive when I'm feeling down about myself, or something I did. I mean in general. If I didn't like myself, that means I'm acting like someone I don't like, doing things I don't like, so if I don't like what I'm doing, who I'm becoming, why would anyone else like me? Why should they like me? Why should they tolerate me when I don't like myself?

I've got a small challenge for you all. Work on loving who you are, and becoming the person you want to be. And I say this with good intentions. I know there's a small handful of people out there that this could be the worst thing to say to. But omitting them; go make a list of everything you like about yourself. EVERYTHING. Physically, personality-wise, how you dress, everything. I'm not saying to go make yourself perfect, I'm not saying to change yourself. What I'm saying is don't let the media and bitchy girls or jocks at school define who you are. Life will be so much easier and happier once you love yourself, and when you're happy with who you are.


  1. Wow! I've actually been struggling with this as of the last year and a half.... College made me begin to realize... It's just hard to keep in mind..... But the list idea definitely helps. :) So thanks! XD

  2. Well, I'm 14 so ofcouse I have alot of the usual teen problems. I'm really skinny, and everyone's so jealous of me. They're all like "OMG, you're so lucky" etc. I don't see how I'm lucky! I wish I could gain a little more weight, and everyone else wants to lose some. I admit to having a very low self-esteem, and I'm not sure how to get over that and love my body. Because I know that i DEFINATELY don't love it. At all. So... yeah... I want to improve my self image.
    PS: It's so weird that I'm so skinny but I actually have boobs. It's weird. They're not that big though. I'm a 34B so yeah... not bad I guess. I still wish mine were bigger. :( Everyone wants what they don't have.

  3. Ha you've got bigger ones than I do and I'm 18!
    And that's quite true, we all want what we can't have. So maybe we should be happy with what we've got :]
    And if you want to improve your self image, maybe do that list :]

  4. :O Really? And I did. I noticed that I have great lips. O.o *puckers lips* :D Cool.

  5. lmao yeah. so sad. woohoo for awesome lips! so do i :D

  6. sometimes it's the fact that even though someone is so beautiful and smart and intelligent, they still feel like there's something wrong with themelves. :/

    all these pretty, nice girls around me make me feel so self-conscious! and my race, being Chinese, naturally guys will overlook me. so i try harder to be nice and friendly and pretty but that's just not me sometimes! sometimes i want to brush people off me and just go to my room and write and go on the internet and just be by myself without worrying about having to please ppl.

    maybe it's a mental thing?

    i mean, i think everybody around me has got something that's so beautiful or talented. not just the outer appearance but if a boy can sing and has a sweet baritone voice, hell i'd say he's beautiful.

    but ppl can be so shallow you know?

    ppl being shallow makes ME feel shallow. :/

    and then there's me, with nothing to stand for, i can't even sing well enough to get solos in my school choir! i'm so self-conscious on stage that my voice cracks. i'm always in search of new inspiration to replace the old, because i'm just not that creative or original. i'm always changing myself to please other ppl and it's like something i can't stop myself from doing! D:

    anyway, i think i'll go over to youtube and search that vid up. ahehehe.

    ps. family trips are not all that fun. sometimes there are arguments and fights along the way. sometimess ppl throw things like cellphones and maps onto the ground. or at each other. if my father came along, there would've been a million scream-fights on the trip. held apart by long silences.

    but he didn't come so all is well...

    my mom and i did have our moments tho.

    but family trips are not for the purpose of bonding. it is for the purpose of getting to a destination and enjoying that destination. no matter what ppl say, it is NOT the journey.

  7. Hmm well I'd say one thing beautiful about you is your sense of fashion! I look at the stuff on your blog, and I'm not a fashion blog person, but you've got an awesome style that I'd love to wear, but I'm more of a pants person. D:

    I love guys who can sing <3 and dance! omg if you're a male dancer you're already on the top of my list hahaha xD

    Hm I always thought it was the other way around, a lot of guys out here in the US love asian girls o.O There's a lot of times I wish I was asian, most asian girls I see are really pretty and have awesome hair and look good in ANYTHING. xD

    Oh yeah I get that, it's the same thing with my family :/ we go somewhere to go there. And along the way, someone always fucks it up for everyone else. ><

  8. No matter what you say, or how right you are, I still cant picture myself in a bikini anywhere! Being Nigerian, I'm expected to be all shapely and huge on top, which is sooo unfair, and makes me want to hide when we go undie shopping and i'm still a 32A at 16
    Skinny isn't a good thing in some cultures you know...i'd rather be white and carefree anyday
    But i loooove this post :D!!

  9. Ha Chattrbox I'm 18 and a 34A, it's ok :D And hey, smaller boobies make for less in-the-wayness rofl. and what do you mean white and carefree? I'm white and I'm not that carefree, depend what it's on lol

  10. Not to hijack this with the whole boob comparisons, but I wish I could give you ladies some of mine... I am a big gal, 44 DD. 19. Even my mom makes comments that she doesn't know where I get it from because she "was not *ahem* so well endowed" and my fiance's mom has made comments that if she had boobs as big as mine... blah blah blah... I am the only one with this size that I know of, and I so wish I was smaller in every aspect.
    Angela is quite right that they get in the way, and they HURT
    It is a pain in the butt that clothing designers take a pattern for a smaller woman and just "add all around" to try to make it fit plus sized. I can't wear button up shirts at all! either they are stretching or they are falling off my shoulders it seems.

    @Mimi all the guys around Missouri prefer Asians that much I can tell you... I would much rather be petite than plus

  11. WEFA, I may be small chested, but I've got some well defined hips, and long legs, so buying pants is a PAIN! And I can fit the clothing mostly, but I'm thin WITH curves, and small boobs, so things don't fit me right :| haha but I still love my body for the most part.
    Sheesh, that is big o.O haha my friend is about the same chest-wise though.

    N yep, most guys here love the asian girls xD


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