Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"I want you, I want you so bad it's driving me mad.." - The Beatles I Want You
Warning : This most likely isn't going to end up as one of my "I love me" inspirational optimistic blogs. I'm more questioning life and why I have to deal with what it throws at me, cussing is involved a little more frequently. I'm not in the best of moods. Carry on as you were.

The past few days have been pretty shitty. Nothing has gone the way it's supposed to, and it's pissing me off. Why can't anything work in the way it was friggen meant to?? Want. Want. Want. That's all I do, want things. But I never get them, if I do, they're half assed. And you know what? I'm really tired of having to settle for less than what I was promised. For everything.

I want :
~ A new, correctly functioning laptop.
~ Not to have to go to driving school, take the test online like everyone else, and that's it.
~ My friends to be at the same college, but all of my good friends are a year younger than me, and still in HS. So I'm stuck with people I pretty much hate at my JC.
~ To have real classes at my JC and stop fucking wasting my time.
~ To stop thinking of the ex-douche bag every fucking five minutes.
~ Something to eat that's healthy, tasty, a real meal, and not microwavable. I'm so sick of microwave food.
~ Romance like it is in books, in fairytales. Why can't I have that? Because that's not life, it's a fake story. Yeah well, fuck you, I deserve better than the last batch of jerk-wads I attract. I deserve someone who's loving, funny, loyal, understanding, all that jazz AND fucking gorgeous. I'm a damn good girlfriend, and I deserve a damn good boyfriend/husband. I hate that "it's life" excuse. It wouldn't be Lifes fault if you stopped making it that way.
~ A place of my own, that's not bug infested, small, cramped, or surrounds me with psycho family members. Freaking idiots they are.
~ To like someone/crush on someone who doesn't live in a different county, state, or country than I do. But that never happens, all the good guys stray away from me.
~ A job that doesn't work with fast food.
~ Bigger boobs.
~ A photography camera
~ Good picture editing software.

Now, you can go and preach to me that something up there wasn't "promised" to me, but i can defend that yes, all of that was, regardless if times have changed.
So hey, go make a list of everything you want, and see if you can accomplish getting any them! Unless it's killing or something, I don't endorse that.


  1. Blaggggh

    I want too.

    I think you can do it.

    It takes time and money and good ol' being yourself. But you can do anything, srsly. And sometimes... well... settling might be good too. Wanting is good, but thinking the worse of every situation is not.

    I want bigger boobs.
    Srsly how flatchested am I? Am I always going to be this flatchested? :/

    LOVE EXISTS. that's all I'm going to say.

    Too bad so many guys are douchbags eh?
    Sounds like your ex... is not the One.
    So stop dwelling on him. I know it's easier said than done. But you'll find the One and it'll be faster if you stop thinking about the non-Ones. Cuz Love exists, I truly truly believe that.

    Oh and trust me, HONEY is the BEST facial ever. Don't even add the lemon. Just smoothe the honey onto your face. Preferably from a squeezable container. And don't eat it afterwards... ew. Well I'm sure you can, but it's not hygenic. And the sugar won't soak into your skin lol! It's antibacterial. Honey can do wonders for anything! it's like medicine but natural-God-made. :D Trust me, kay? It soothes your skin and fends off bad zits. Of course it won't like magically make your skin CLEAR but it will help towards that!

  2. Hrm, I'm not exactly flat, it's more like apple halves. xD Oh well, I'd rather be small chested then have huge in the way boobs that give me back problems.

    And I'm not dwelling on HIM, just what we used to have, in general. It sounds stupid, but before that last couple weeks, it was honestly perfect :| it's just an odd feeling to get used to when nothing goes wrong ever and then it dies a horrible tragic death. xD I don't like him anymore, just what he was before.

    And I believe that love exists, too :] One day we will find a good guy, each of us!

    XD I'll try that tonight then :D Any idea how long I should leave it on for?

  3. Hey, I tagged you here:

  4. I hear you on the big boobs. I WANT BOOBS!!! But, you know all that means, is that we're not meant to hold body fat.. so we're just thin.. and we sacrifice the boobs. Bitches with boobs, got the boobs, but that aint all they got. :) Boobs, and rolls. :) I think I'm fine without both. I like my little boobies :D

  5. AHahaha fge x] I like my small ones too. My old english teacher had like, the best body. THough she was a runner, with like 34 C boobs. I don't think I could even get used to that much.. I like sleeping on my stomach too much x]

  6. K this is the second posting going on about wanting bigger boobs. No guy will actually not want to be with a great girl because of their breast size. Well that is how I feel, there are people shallow enough for this, but it goes both ways. Would you be ok with a guy with a 3 inch dick if you didn't know until you were in love with him? Curious now.... I personally do not care about small boobs, size is not important when it comes to sex anyway. The important part for me is that the girl likes the feeling when they are... don't know what to say there *blush*. Anyway, really big boobs turn me off, a boob reduction makes more sense than making them bigger to me. So yeah, be happy with what you got :)


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