Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"Secrets are things we give to others to keep for us." - Elbert Hubbard

We all have our secrets, may they be big or small. And as close as we are to our best friends, our significant others, anyone close to you, there are just some things you can't tell them, some things you're too ashamed of, embarassed of, worried about, etc, to tell them.

I made this blog as a way to get what I want to say out in the open so that someone will come by and read what I write, know it's there, know what I'm feeling, and then I won't feel so bottled up, and I'd feel better knowing that there's someone out there who knows.

Keeping things a secret won't make you feel better, I know this, you know this, everyone does. Unless it's dirt on your enemy, but that's different.

So, tell me your secrets. Post Anon if you'd like. Personally, I like showing my identity when I tell a secret, because hiding myself is doing no better than hiding my secret.

I'll start off, some of my secrets :

~ I will admit, I like Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus. ~ I bring up my ex and his cheating more than I'd like to admit is healthy for "moving on" ~ Right now is the first time I haven't had a crush on anyone in years ~ I hold grudges ~ After being cheated on, I continuously think I'm going to be cheated on again or left (he said I did nothing wrong, still cheated.) ~ I still cry long after it's passed. ~ I'm embarassed of most of the things my family does/says ~ I wish my mother was more responsible ~ I wish I had more things to do throughout the week so I could go to bed early and get up and have a day of events, not just sleeping and the Internet ~ I wish my ex-friend didn't kiss me and make shit awkward and now we're not really friends anymore ~ Most of the time I do think girls are smarter than guys ~ I'm probably slightly sexist ("stupid boys!") ~

That's all I can think of for now, I might update it or make a new post every now and then with any more. So, write me your own, and let yourself feel a bit better.


  1. I like this post, and I agree full heartedly! I used to write "letters" to anyone and everyone I was mad at, funny to look back and see how crazy I was jumping topics.

    H'mm... right now I am doing good, I don't think I have a secret that needs telling... maybe that I wish my best friend would realize that the guy he loves does not and will not ever love him back. I've tried explaining for the last year but he still pines after unrequited love, even after the guy does things with girls in my best friend's bed. I wish he realized how much I love and care for him. I told him once that if I wasn't with my fiance I would want to be with him. My fiance doesn't know

  2. Ha that seems like a good idea, actually. Though unless I were to send them, I don't think it'd work fully for me. And sending them could end with some major issues D: lol

    Awh that sucks. I wish some people would get the idea to just leave, though I can kind of get where he's coming from; when my ex told me he cheated, I said I'd take him back :| Thank god he said no or I'd be in a really fucked up place XD

  3. I love someone else.

  4. I hated my mother for staying with my asshole step-dad.

  5. I have one secret that I have kept to myself. I was in a car accident that I told everyone was due to a deer on the road. There was no deer. I had a few drinks that night and shouldn't have been driving.


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