Saturday, April 30, 2011

Color Splash. (PIX)

"Trade rules, switch sides for your beautiful eyes. Let him be you through your beautiful cries. Let him hold you up so you can touch affordable skies. Live your life just like a dream, without the pain of goodbyes." - Blue October Overweight

Not edited :) Well, on a computer.
All lyrics from Blue October's "Overweight.

I want to carry a piece of who I was before,
so when I hit the wall I really hit the wall

I've owned up, I've grown up, do you remember me?
I've showed up and so what if I'm the "used to be,"
I'm here to tell you I'm sorry I was sorry,
but I'm happy that you're happy,
this is no longer about me.

Ever carry the weight of another?
For how long?
I walk as far as they need to recover.
For how long?

It's the guilt of what reality has given me,
making sense of all mistakes and my stupidity.
And when you're sick, you seem to think you've failed eternally. 

I'm floating far away.


  1. So cool! Love these pics. :)

  2. I'm no photography expert, but I really like the one with the cat. =]

  3. I love them all, but I think that the one with the cat is the most beautiful :)


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