Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is about venting, not me venting.

Want to know what sucks? Of course you do. Or maybe you don't, I'm going to pretend you do.
There's this thing called "venting," you've probably heard of it. It's where you let out all that's on your mind and it makes you feel better. I like that, it's better to let things out than keep them in. But it seems like venting isn't the same anymore.

First, the people who you can vent to. I'm guessing your first choice would be a best friend. You'll text them, call them, talk to them in person while eating a gallon of ice cream, something of the sort. What old school has made best friends, is where you both complain together about how stupid something/someone is and make fun of them, eat junk food, cry, and then you're better. I'm not really sure how it goes down if you're a guy, sorry. Anyway.

Now, people will just say you're complaining. They may ignore your texts and messages for some reason, "because they were busy" or "didn't get them," or usually, "I didn't hear my phone." I haven't seen a pair of best friends where the best friend actually cared that much. Mostly just said "that sucks :( " and that's it.

It's a chocker necklace, for those who are wondering. Not edited.
Secondly, the places. These all usually revolved around social networks. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger now, of course. It's a nice feeling when you submit a rant onto one of these, because then it's out there and you're not holding it in anymore. You think people may care, you may get some "likes" or encouraging comments from friends.

Now, everyone is like "lol, it's Facebook, stop being a drama queen." They may not say that to your face, but no one takes anything on a social site as important anymore. It's just people being over-dramatic, sob stories, sad love lives. Even having a blog where you rant all the time isn't much now, it's just teenagers complaining, which so doesn't happen often.

This makes me sad. It's not like I don't have anyone to go to, just not many people. Maybe like, one. But then I feel that if I continue to tell that poor person all that's upsetting me, they'll get bored of me, or annoyed. If I go vent on Facebook, I'll just be another over-dramatic teenager complaining about her life. If I complain on here, i'll just be another over-dramatic teenager complaining about her life.

It's not like I have any actual problems, or anything. So everyone thinks. I'm just an over-dramatic teenager complaining about my life. And not many people, if anyone, will take me seriously because of it.


  1. I'm lucky to have a great friend who will always listen to my rants. Not that I have them often, but sometimes I just ambush her with something that's been driving me nuts, and she listens like a champ. She asks questions and gives replies more helpful than "sorry" or "that sucks." I'm so grateful for that.

    But I totally see the trend you're talking about. Venting should not automatically equal complaining. Because it's not necessarily the same thing. And for people like me who don't like to talk about problems often, the "stop complaining" attitude makes me even less likely to want to share with someone. And that means I'll just be holding my problems in forever, and it'll get unhealthy.

    Now I feel like I'm ranting. Haha. Anyway, I like the post. :)

  2. Ugh, I hate that. I have to go to the bathroom in the girls' locker room at my school and talk with my friends XD Because everywhere else just seems like me could be heard. And I'm a quiet person. I usually just keep my problems to myself. And then I go insane. XD

  3. YOU HAVE ME! I'm always happy to just listen/read what you have to say, whatever it may be!

  4. You're right. I just started following you, actually i just made my blog today, but you're right. And i appreciate you putting it out there.

  5. I have always felt indifferent about venting. Sometimes I feel better but most of the time I feel worse since I usually only vent about things that I have bottled up, so me venting makes me think about it which makes me feel sad.

  6. What a fantastic post! Keep up the great job... You just got a new follower.


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