Sunday, April 3, 2011

Once Upon A Time (PIX)

"Lets paint a picture of the perfect place, they've got it better than when anyone's told ya. They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades, then we'll fight for you like we were your soldiers." - OneRepublic All The Right Moves

Two posts for this.

Many were used on a new picture editing site, and sadly it doesn't let me add or lessen the effect on the photo. But I think it did well so far. So yes, most of these are highly edited (mostly because I took them in very bad lighting lol).



  1. Very cool pictures. I like the new layout too. :)

  2. Ahh I loove these!!!!! :D My favorite is fourth one with the dancing woman. Is she a princess?? :D Lol

  3. Joanna - Thanks :D

    Jodie - It's a mermaid actually lol I think her tail cut off. The story is about a princess though, Frog Prince.

  4. Ahhh.. bedtime story :) Love the dancing one too!


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