Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Of all the touchy subjects in the world, who knew that humor could be one of them? Have you ever been talking to a friend about a comedian, or watching stand up online or on TV, and you thought that comedian wasn't funny? Maybe they said something to offend you (as many comedians do), or maybe their jokes were just bland, or too complicated to understand.

Anyway, you mention to your friend, "they're not funny!"

And hell, they probably aren't funny. It seems that now, the only way to make someone laugh is to make a racist, sexist, or stereotypical joke about someone or something that a specific group of people do. Seriously, that pretty much consists of their material now.

Stereotypes had to come from somewhere. But for them to make up 90% of your act? Get something new, there's only so much you can say about blacks, mexicans, whites, and asians. And as of today, most of it probably isn't true anymore, since everyone is all for "being unique."

I'm getting off subject. Anyway.

What I hate most, is when someone says, "you don't like them because you don't have a sense of humor."

What kind of bullshit excuse is that? So, because I find someone making racist, sexist, stereotypical jokes all the fucking time, not to mention cussing the whole time (who told comedians that they had to cuss in order to be funny?), and acting childish, that I suddenly don't have a sense of humor? That it just mysteriously disappeared because I don't like one persons really bad act, that has been done by hundreds of other comedians?

Yeah, okay. How about I say that you only find that sort of comedy funny because you're mindless? I'm not kidding, how many times does someone have to repeat the same joke over and over, until you finally don't find it funny anymore, and realize that making fun of people shouldn't be the sole basis of comedy? It's fine to poke fun here and there, but for the majority of your act? Maybe if it wasn't insulting, which it is. They're obviously insulting people, but they get away with it because, "it's just a joke."

And don't get me started on "comedy" movies, where it's mostly adults acting like children. Yeah, really funny, guys! Hilarious, really!

Fiona (at Voice of a Nerd) made a great observation when commenting on this: "I hate how humor is mainly made up of insults. Whenever I see a racist joke being told, and someone who gets offended by it, people normally get angry at the person who gets offended.  I mean seriously?"

And it's completely true. That's the whole point of this post. Just because someone doesn't find the "joke" funny, doesn't mean they have no sense of humor, is a prude or stuck up or whatever else. They just didn't find it funny. 

I know that I seem like a total prude now, but I'm really not. I can take a joke, I love humor. I'm a funny person. But when someone says that I don't have a sense of humor just because I don't like their stupid comedian that's just re-wording some sort of "ist" joke as their own, it's utterly stupid and idiotic, and it shows that they obviously don't take criticism well.

So fuck off with your "you have no sense of humor," crap!


  1. Jesus, thank you! Exactly the point I was making yesterday. I can find certain things funny, but as I said...racist jokes are always told with the intent to offend and hurt- and unfortunately that's why people think it's funny. There comes a point when it's taken too far and it's just plain uncomfortable to listen to. I don't give a crap if comedians tell racist jokes all the time and people laugh at them...if a random idiot off the street told a joke like that in a room full of people of that race my guess is those people wouldn't find it so damn funny.

  2. I agree with this so much.
    I hate how humor is mainly made up of insults. Whenever I see a racist joke being told, and someone who gets offended by it, people normally get angry at the person who gets offended.

    I mean seriously?

  3. Lifeslyrics - It honestly just depends on the person, race jokes and gender jokes can be funny, but it's not when they're just being mean, which usually they are -___-

    Fiona - I know right?! How does that even make sense? I'm going to quote that into the post, actually, if you don't mind. That's a great observation lol

  4. I AGREE! SO MUCH. Once in school, my friend said something that I didn't find funny. But, she was laughing about it with another girl. She asked me why I wasn't laughing, so I said that it wasn't funny. Then, she said, "Oh, it's just because you don't have a sense of humor."
    I was SO. PISSED.

  5. I agree!

    Humour is completely subjective anyway. Everyone has a different opinion on what they think is funny.

  6. Jodie - I think it's just become a way to make themselves feel better that their joke sucked. It can't be their fault, of course, so you suddenly don't find anything funny in the WHOLE WORLD.


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