Saturday, March 12, 2011

Close Up's 2. (PIX)

"Close up camera two, 'cause the hero dies in this scene. Your inspiration is the loss of absolutely everything." - Mayday Parade Black Cat

Kind of awesome how this lyric worked out for this post.. I didn't even plan that.
(Playing off the two posts of pictures thing, lol) Again, none were edited much. Boyfriend's picture was an effect on the camera :)

Blogger is giving me such fucking issues right now! ERG!! WORK CORRECTLY, DAMNIT.

Anyway, these are more random ones. Not so "close up" as the last ones.

Fish Eye Effect on Mike xD He's got such nice eyes, though :)
I made his car green.. This isn't really a photography picture, just cool XD

Woosh! (Fiber optic lamp :) )
This picture gave me so much shit uploading it. For some reason it just would NOT upload vertically. It went sideways. I flipped it sideways, it went upside-down >< So I flipped it to the left, and then it uploaded correctly. WTF Blogger!
Cutie Patootie Boyfriend :)
This one was just funny.. It was on a power box by the Boba Tea place and I saw it in Mike's side mirror, so I took a picture of it. DINOSAUR!!


  1. Very cool. Love the fiber optic lamp one, it looks like fireworks!

  2. Ooooooh it does! I didn't think of that!

  3. I am sooooo getting this camera.

    I need anew one anyways, right? Haha. Like a hole in the head, but these pictures have me convinced.

    The fish eye one is really really cool!

  4. Ahhhh!!! I loove the Beatles one!!! (Because I looooooveeeee the Beatles, hahahaha)

  5. I wish my camera did sweet stuff like this! Very cool pictures.

  6. I'm loving this blog! My fiancé is a photographer so it's cool to see some of your stuff. And i LOVE Mayday Parade! X


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