Saturday, March 12, 2011

Close Up's. (PIX)

"Close up camera one, the hero sings in this scene. The boy that gets the girl gets to go home where they get married." - Mayday Parade Black Cat

Finally took some good pictures :D They're close up's though, but still awesome. The focus on this thing is amazing! Nothing was edited except what the camera does. Two were tinted a tad darker because the lighting was bad when I took them, but that's it. :D

There's a lot of photo's, so I'll put it in two posts so it's not so long :D

It's a paper weight lol

Another paper weight

And another paper weight.. 

Jack Skellington Snow Globe!


  1. Amp, this set is awesome! I would hang them all in my apt, but I especially love Jack and the one titled "another paperweight". I have to get me one of those cameras!

  2. Yeah, the boyfriend and I both love the "another paperweight" one best :D

  3. Wow, amp. Those are simply beautiful!!

    I am sooo jealous.

  4. I really love the "And another paperweight". It's so colorful :D

  5. Thanks guys :D I like that one too, Jodie lol


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