Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Camera!

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."Robert McCloskey
The quote has nothing to do with this, it's just funny and I had nothing else to put :) More music and quotes in their pages!

My aunt came over yesterday, and as a belated birthday gift (most of my family sent "belated" birthday cards. Nice way to say, "Shit, we forgot, my bad!"). Anyway, she gave me $100. I'm the type of person to hoard this money and spend it on only things I need.

But, I haven't splurged in a while. I've been mocking myself by looking at cameras online. My first lovely digital camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot, 7.2 megapixels. Even for such a small amount of pixels, it's still taken a lot of good photos (as you've all seen :D ) 

But today, today I splurged. I bought a Canon PowerShot SD14000 (14.1megapixels) digital camera. In pink :) The online price, with  no attachments (like warranty) is about $155 dollars, more or less. However, I bought it in store for (tag price) $175~. The 4gig memory card was added on, and so was a one year warranty and a camera case (since the one I have now is too big for it). And with a lovely $14 tax on the camera itself came out to about $250.

Foo :( Why are cameras so much?! Anyway, I've fooled around with it so far, and every picture I take comes out freaking AWESOME. I've mastered it's settings mostly, except the extreme internal stuff (ISO and light balance and stuff). The picture is so clear, and picks up pretty much everything. There's a bunch of settings, battery charge is only about 2 hours and holds around 1000 pictures. (Note : the bigger the megapixels, the more memory it takes up. 2gig memory card will hold about 500 with a 14mp. 7 or around that will be about 1000)

I may be out of $200, but it's the best purchase I've made in a while (aside from my boyfriends wonderful watch that he loves :D ) No regrets! 

Here are a few samples of the ones I took today, which aren't great since I'm just figuring out how to use it, but I can do so much more with this camera. This Saturday should have some more pictures, also next week. :D

In other news, Cameo has discovered she has a tail. She sat for about 5 minutes with it around her feet, pawing at it and attacking/pouncing on it. Few weeks ago she chased it. Yes, like a dog. Last week she discovered "clear plastic bag on floor." That was entertaining to watch. 

I'm also highly procrastinating English homework right now. I know, you don't really care. But I do. This class is bullshit! I then have driving tomorrow, too. Last week it rained, and my Instructor still took me out on the freeway! I went 60 in the rain! No one died, so that means I did well. :D

This is the "miniature effect." It's a bad example, but it makes everything looks mall and toy-like, kind of like human Legos! Looks better when you're higher up and your subjects are further down. 

"Fish Eye Effect"

Yeah, I had a lot of fun with this one. Teehee :)

I KNOW. It's sideways, it wasn't sideways when I uploaded it. Anyways, this is the "Color Accent Effect," where you choose a color you want to keep, and it makes the rest of the picture Black and White. It's also called "color splash" on photobucket.

Just an example of the quality and Center Focus on this camera. Amazing isn't it?!

Another example, on Lucia, who decided to lay herself out on my desk and not move, or look at the camera.

Well, that's my post for today! More to come!


  1. Wow that's a great camera. The good thing about saving money and then spending it in one big burst makes what you buy extra special in my opinion. It's the thing that you have sacrificed your heard-earned savings for. You could have spent it on other things, but you chose the camera.

    And an awesome one :)

  2. It wasn't exactly "hard earned," mostly just holiday or birthday money. I didn't really NEED this camera, either, and I do feel a little guilty getting it, but it was a good investment, and in the long run, $200 isn't really that much.

    Now I just need a job... Why can't they just come to me?!

    But it indeed is a very nice camera :D

  3. Like the new camera! The cat one is funny.

  4. OMG!!! I want this camera now.

    Mine doesn't have the Color Accent Select feature and it is BADASS!!!

    Oh, and LOVE the fish eye ones. The one of the kitty butt is spectacular!!

  5. That camera looks amazing! I loove the pictures :D I hope you take a lot more, lol. I love looking at your pictures. Have you ever thought of going into photography? :D

  6. Scrappy - It is :D but it takes some getting used to, you can choose what you want in B/W and color, it's pretty cool :D

    Jodie - I have! But it's pretty hard to get a job somewhere, if I do go into it even has a partial career, I'd have to have a good portfolio, I could also send in some to National Geographic, they've taken a lot of amateur pictures and used them as covers :D


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