Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green? (PIX)

"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat." - Alex Levin

Happy late St. Patricks Day! In honor of this holiday, I took pictures of....

Nothing Irish.

I actually completely forgot it was St. Patricks day until I saw a midget wearing green and a leprechaun hat.

I'm not kidding.

Anyway, today Mike and I went to Stony point, took a lot of random pictures. Once at the top, there's a lot of broken glass from beer bottles and late night parties. It's spring time, so everything bloomed :)
See this mountain thing here? Yeah, we CLIMBED that shit. There's actually two people at the top, but they're so far up you can't even see them unless you know where they are and zoom in all the way. They're all the way at the top, and they're as big as the tips of those foxtails in the lower left corner, there. No shit.

Like I said, everything bloomed :)

Random piece of glass. My favorite picture of the whole thing.

Miniature effect :3 So cute!

Green glass shards (literally coated the whole top of it, quite pretty actually)

Blue glass shards. We're on a ledge at the top now, under that huge boulder at the tippiest top of the mountain in the fist pic.
That little horse and tractor crack me up!

Curly plant vine things. 


  1. The miniature effect is SO COOL! :D
    I really love the green and blue glass shards :D

  2. Jodie - Lol yeah, Mike loves that effect best XD

    Romanto - Thank you :D

  3. I am totally digging the miniature effect!! I cannot wait to get my mitts on this camera!!

    All of the pictures are wonderful and beautiful. I so look forward to more!!

    PS: Laughed out loud at the midget in green line. FUCKING CLASSIC!!

  4. Hahaha yea, the mini effect makes everything look awesome!


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