Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Updates (And Then Some)

Since everyone's doing it :)

No seriously, like three people on my Blog-following list updated things and then there's a few threads of people updating things, and I decided it was time for a change, too. Background was too dark.

Not that this one is any lighter, but it doesn't have that weird orange color.


Anyway! Blog updates are small ones, just the background and stuff. Few new songs in the Music page. A new quote in the Quotes page.

A couple people, *ehem Jodie-Ann* say I post too little, anyone want me to post more? I haven't been catching up on my news articles or TV things to rant about, sorry about that :/ My pictures have kind of been a space filler :P

In other news, I applied for a JOB. Yes, work. In stores, with other humans, for eight hours a day.


It's at this cute store, Sidecca. The stuff is so unique. Kind of vintage but not so old looking. Sort of... modern vintage? I don't know, just lots of colorful, bulky things. Anyway, I sent in a WHOLE application! The only things I couldn't fill out were previous work locations and experience. Thank god they didn't ask for references on this. That's a good sign, people! I wouldn't know who the hell to call. I don't have anyone who could put in a good word for me, not that there isn't anything good to say, but my teachers don't know me well enough. Friends, I guess. Oh well, I'm just hoping for the best! They're hiring all positions, in all locations, and I've never seen a guy work there, mostly girls my age. And I live really near by. So this could be a good thing!

And, I have one more driving lesson until I'm completely done! So far, I'm doing really well :D Then after I'm done and get some more practice in on my own, I do this "Teen Driving Evaluation" thing where I go for a practice license test with my instructor. I was hoping for that, I don't want to go do the real thing and not know what they're going to look for.

So, how's everyone adjusting to this daylight savings crap? Those who have it, anyway. I'm not doing too well. I hate it, we went forward an hour. A whole hour! Losing an hour of sleep! And it's colder in the mornings, too. Like freakin'... 60 (OK not that cold, shut up) but then it gets to be about 80 a few hours later. I don't know how to dress appropriately for this D:

So uhm, yeah, that's all that's been going on with me. :)


  1. Good luck with the job application! And the driving evaluation... And surviving the extra cold... And attempting to blog more :)

    Good luck!

    Great background by the way; is the monster trying to take the stars out of the sky?

  2. Loving your new background! and good luck with the Job =) Keep us updated!

  3. Hi Angela, good luck on your driving test! When I took my drivers test, I actually got points off for driving too slow. I was like, seriously?

    Also good luck with the whole job thing. I remember when I applied for my first job, it was at a movie theater and I only had coaches to use as references. But I think using teachers would would well also!

  4. Hey! I followed your blog, if that's alright.

    There's a shop just like that in the city near where I live, all the quirky kids love to go there. Does Sidecca have a chain of stores, or is it like a standalone?


  5. Tom - Nah, he's carving them out with a saw lol you can't really see the saw, though.

    January - Of course it's ok :D Sidecca is a chain store, but it's not huge yet. It's usually found in the mall.

    Thanks for all the luck, guys!!

  6. ehem, you forgot to add that you still have a boyfriend that loves the crap out of you!

  7. I'm off work for 3 more weeks, so the DLS has not affected me. Effected me. Whatever.

    I think it's great that you're almost done getting your driver's license. Sweet!

    And when you go for your job interview, just show a little tit. That will get you through the door. GL with the job!

  8. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Anna. XD

  9. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! :D I hope you get the job! :D Even though it's work, you're getting money soooo... yeah. Worth it.
    And I HATE this daylight savings! I have one less hour of EVERYTHING. (I already ranted about this, haha. So, I'll spare you from having to read me rant again)

  10. Yes, money! I'm 19, I am in desperate need of money XD

    I know, it sucks >< One less hour to sleep, one extra to be awake. WTF.


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