Friday, March 11, 2011

Miniatures. (PIX)

"Take what you want, steal my pride, build me up or cut me down to size. Shut me out, but I'll just scream. I'm only one voice in a million, but you ain't taking that from me." - Natasha Bedingfield Strip Me

Went out today and took a few more pictures, mostly in the "miniature mode." It was that weird cloudy-but-still-really-bright-out type of weather, so not much came out well. I went to my school (which is half farm, didn't think you'd find that in LA did you?) and tried taking pictures of the new born calf's, but I was there during feeding time, so neither the cows nor the horses would look in my general direction.

So, don't judge these ones too harshly right now, I'm still fucking around with the settings and stuff, trying to learn which modes I should usually have and scrolling through everything (there's a menu button for regular settings, and a function menu for the effects and stuff, and if you want to change the settings in the effects, you use the display button. It's a lot of buttons and I forget to use them :}) I also found out I can take different sizes of pictures. First couple I took were in "wide screen" which is like, size 4000. Pretty damn huge, and so I went with a smaller one, like 650 or something, and then that was too small as you can tell here (maybe, haven't uploaded the pictures yet) but when I tried to resize them to my normal size, they just didn't look right, so I left them as is.

I will figure this out eventually!! I've gotten far in just a day and a half, give me credit, damnit!

So, here are my attempts at the "miniature effect," and then when I took them, I also forgot to move the focus to the main object except for one picture, so well, yeah. Just bear with me until I figure this out lol

The "miniature effect" basically makes things look like human-lego's, or just small toys. Pretty much like those small little villages people make with itty bitty people and stuff, like with toy train stations :D

Note : The pictures do look better when you click on them, at least to me.

My most favorite one with the effect. The humans just happened to be in the way and wouldn't move for five minutes, so I took it with them. 

Mama Cow and her new born's! :)

Barn! It's actually empty, used to be horses a while back. The goats are in the barn next to it, on the left. I would've gone over there, but the walk up is a lot longer than it looks :/ I'll take some from there eventually, though!

The grass in the last one looks radio-active, I love it xD


  1. Cool, you are already better with your brand new camera than I am with the one I've been "learning how to use" for years!

  2. I am loving this camera of yours. Do the colors come out tat vibrant or are you tweaking the colors with a program?

    That miniatures effect is really cool.

  3. They actually came out that vibrant! I was surprised, too. I think it's the effect that does that.

  4. These pictures are SO COOL! The weather there looks amazing. And the animals. And there are BARNS in LA?! I never would have thought. To be honest, I always thought that LA was this fabulous hot place with celebrities walking around. o.O Am I very far off? LOL.

  5. Haha there's a few barns in LA. My school is half farm and half... school lol it's mostly used for the agriculture and animal science classes. They also take in horses and other animals when there's fires in the other cities, like Chatsworth, which has a lot of hills and foliage.

    The weather is bipolar. It's either too hot or too cold. Past few days have been really nice, though. Too much smog. Lots of palm trees, beach is 30 minutes away, and I guess overall it's not that bad looking, but it's scenery differs from city to city lol

  6. I love how you referred to the girls in your first picture as "the humans". x]


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