Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Please read, guys!!

I'm a lurker in the Coffee Shop, which is a blogger forum where you can talk to other bloggers. I've been there since I started this blog, and I'm a level 13. Once you hit level 10, you get the title of "blogger addict" under your username, usually. That hasn't been updated in a while, and we don't know why. So there's a lot of level 10's and higher with no title.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, a handful of users (the regulars there who'd post at least everyday in the forums) started to be randomly deleted, meaning their profiles and blogs. A friend of mine got hers deleted, and when Google emailed her, she just had to put in her cell number and it was fine, everything came back.

However, today, three of the regulars (who've all been in the Shop for a while, longer than I have) were randomly deleted. Their blogs, profiles and google accounts were deleted. One of the users tried making a new SN, and was able to post comments  for a while. Then all of his comments posted started to disappear/be deleted as soon as they were posted.

So far, one of the Top Contributors, NitCruzr knows about this. The others seem to not know, yet. None of us know what the hell is going on and why we're randomly disappearing.

So this is just a warning, that while I doubt it will happen, if my blog is suddenly gone on your dashboard or follow list, I did not randomly delete my blog and give up, it's just Google Error or a hacker! I'm not sure how I would find you guys again, only way I can think of is if I post in the coffee shop and you find my (hopefully old) blog there. I'll be using a user name similar to "ampelamati" or "angelamp" or something like it.

Only if I'm deleted, though. If nothing happens, then great!

To other bloggers : I doubt this will happen to you guys, but you should export your blog and save your blogger templates in case anything happens. You can export/save your blog by going to Dashboard > Settings > and under "Blog Tools" is an option to "export blog." Do so, it will save all of your posts! And to save your template, if it's HTML or code, just go to Settings > Design > Edit HTML and copy your code into a word document or something.

Lets all hope I don't get deleted, eh?


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Stay safe :)

  2. Let's hope none of us get deleted. I did the export thing yesterday, just in case.

  3. This whole thing has been pretty weird. I haven't even been there as long as some of you others, and it's freaking ME out. I've definitely taken the precautionary steps though. Just in case. :/

  4. As odd as it seems, I lurked around the other Forums and Cruzr said that it's google error, they went to delete some spam blogs/accounts and nicked some innocent ones. :/

  5. :O This happened to me once! My blog was gone. I got it back though, by putting my aunt's cell phone number in. It only took the states's cell phone numbers which really pissed me off.
    So, thanks for this!!! I'm going to export my blog right now. Then, I'm going to your music page, haha.

  6. geez are you freaken serious????? It deletes our blogs that has taken us forever to create. i would die and probably give up! how would one get it back though?

  7. Lavish - You don't have to be too worried, Blogger knows about it and they're trying to fix it as of current. Everyone who was deleted was restored in a day or so. If you follow the export blog directions, you can save your blog, and if by chance you ever do get deleted on accident, you have the back up file (good to back it up every so often as you update it!) and can just import it all back :) But Blogger has restored everyone's blogs too, but it's a "just in case" thing. :D


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