Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Post!

My first guest post :D This little article is written from Meredith at Growing Popularity.

I’m really a tom boy at heart.  When I was younger, I would buy boyish looking school shoes so that I could play kickball during recess without my shoes flying through the air and I would buy loose boy-fitting clothes.  But, as I got older, my interests and styles began to change.

It was a mini teenage edition of an identity crisis.  It was like, I wanted to buy new prettier and “girlier” shoes, but I wasn’t comfortable wearing them simply because I wasn’t used to them.  The same goes with clothes.  I wanted to buy more feminine looking clothes, but I wasn’t used to the tighter fit.  And of course, I just felt uncomfortable wearing my new style because I wasn’t used to seeing myself look that way.  It made me feel awkward.  And then I wasn’t acting like myself because I didn’t feel like myself.

I wasn’t sure if I could be a girly-girl and be a tom boy at the same time.  Could I mix those styles?  The more I pushed myself out of my tom boy box, the more comfortable I became with wearing the tighter, more flattering clothes.

Whatever your style is, just know that it is okay to grow into something new.


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  2. Yay for guest posting! She guest posted on my blog, too. Isn't she awesome?! :D
    And I'm like that now: I'm really tomboyish. But, I'm girlie at the same time. I love to wear high tops, but I love high heels too. I love to wear baggy tees, but I love fitted ones as well. I love dresses but I also love jeans. So... I'm a mixture of both styles. XD
    PS: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new background and phrase thingie in your header :D


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